3 books that I felt compelled to read...

Having probably not read a single book from front to back in 10 years, I have read 3 in almost as many weeks. What has happened?

I'm not sure is the honest truth. However the first book was given as a Christmas Present last year by Nikki Pepper and as I was clearing out the flat the book presented itself...

The second book holds a similar story an unopened Amazon package which turned up in a box full of papers to be shredded and there it was, a book first written and then presented to me by Timothy Watkins, subsequently re-ordered for me by Debi King.

The third book was handed to me by Samina Ali as it was all about conversations that we had been having on Attachment.

All three books turned up at approximately the same time... and as it turns out all extremely pertinent to where I am right now and hugely relevant to things that are happening in my life. The universe it seems has not exhausted its reserves of surprises yet... I do love serendipity!

Book 1 - Starfish and the Spider

What's on TV then?

A long time ago back in 1985 I bought a selection of home entertainment equipment.One of which was a Toshiba Blackstripe FST (Flat Screen Tube) television.

Roll the clock forward... we've gone from analogue to digital... CRT monitors (Cathode Ray Tube) are a thing of the past, and, for the past 6 years, my old TV has sat gathering dust, taking up space waiting for me to dispose of it... except I didn't dispose of it... not because I am a hoarder... but because the thought of sorting the flat out filled me with dread... or that is what I thought the reason the TV didn't get dumped was...

Roll the clock forward once more to 2015 this time... and a decision I took to begin taking the whole idea of spirituality a bit more seriously. I felt that something was missing and couldn't quite put my finger on it but knew that this was something that warranted more investigation from me...

3 years on and I can certainly say a lot has opened up... lots of people arrived to guide me.…

It has been a heck of a journey... the last 7 years

The number 7 comes up a lot in my life...What has happened in your last 7 years?

I think if we all took the time to reflect we would probably surprise ourselves in one way or another. We all lead such busy lives these days. A lot happens but is there a 'rudder' in your life? An intent or purpose or are you just being buffeted from one thing to another?

As Tolkien said in Lord of the Rings... you want to be careful going outside, every path can lead to adventures. Looking back I don't think I was particularly looking for an adventure... but as time passed that is exactly what happened. Adventures do change us, being out of our comfort zone is no easy place to be, but it is where we grow. Some brief highlights of my own journey follow. They represent some pretty key shifts in my consciousness over the 7 years...

I first answered the call back in 2011. We had witnessed the financial crash in 2007, the world would never be the same again. There was huge hope though. The Internet…

Who are 'THEY' and what do they want?

I've heard myself say it countless times and I hear it said every day too. That's what 'they' want... that's what 'they' are trying to do... 'they' are conditioning and brainwashing us...

Who are these people, 'they'? it's an interesting question. If you take the view that a few unbelievably wealthy people are controlling huge sectors of our world and are influential in making global events happen such as wars, terrorism, regime change and a whole lot more... then 'they' could be narrowed down to a 60 or 70 people. Their combined wealth being estimated at approaching 50% of the global wealth... and all this wealth in the hands of a very small 'coach load' of people.

Although the disparity between those with such incredible wealth and the vast numbers of people on this planet with hardly anything at all is not acceptable, we live in a society that actually condones it.

If we want to get to the bottom of who 'they'…

It can't be Christmas every day... why not?

I remember growing up and thinking to myself how amazing it would be if every day was Christmas.

Presents every day... people being nice to each other... helping each other out... much kinder than at other times. Seemed like a good idea to me!

... but then I was reminded of a story from my younger days about two children, one of whom ate just sweet things and the other that ate more salty foods... the one who ate just sugar and sweets became very ill because although feeding the 'sweet tooth' it was an unbalanced diet and 'too much of a good thing' was equally bad for you.

This year I stayed in the UK with my family and had a chance to reflect on what for me was a typical Christmas of my childhood and early adult life... It has been 3 years (or more) since I last did the "English Christmas" of my childhood days, and things look very different to me now. I don't think it is the fact that I'm older and as people often say the magic goes out of Christmas …

When the doctors surgery is frightened of being sued!

On Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th December 2017 my mum had to visit her doctors... 

Sheepcot surgery. A relocated surgery which is now on the new estate next to the Harry Potter studios.

The surgery is an excellent example of a modern day health centre with automatic doors, ramps, lift and easy access tools to facilitate what is an ageing client base.

As you will no doubt remember the dates concerned were pretty cold... -5c in parts and a heavy snow on Sunday meant that snow, compacted, thawed, then re-frozen poses a real hazard to walking.

Much to my surprise on the Monday afternoon having managed to secure a spot in the disabled bay it was instantly noticeable that neither the parking area, nor the walkways had been treated with salt in any shape or form.

Being fully able bodies even I was having to be careful not to lose my balance myself... imagine an 82 old on a zimmer frame navigating this? We didn't have cause to visit the reception desk on the way out so I thought nothing of …

12 benefits of not drinking booze in December...

For many the run up to Christmas is one of the most stressful times of the year, the rush for Xmas gifts, all the preparations, and, trying to ensure everyone's expectations and needs are met.

For others the onset of December means finally, the beginning of party time and the fun, after the long dark and often dismal November slips away.

This is the month where the biggest excuse for 'letting go' is wheeled out most often. "Go on... it is Christmas". There is no doubt it is the month where most of us throw caution to the wind, with a firm resolve to make amends in our new years resolution!
There are however some good benefits to us if we don't just 'go along' with the Christmas roller coaster relating to booze... here are some of my thoughts... although let me make it clear, I have done my fair share of drinking at Christmas in the past... now though I see things a bit differently... Age probably!
Below my top reasons for abstaining in the party season…