Election 2017... a reality check

Some will argue that this post is somewhat naive... others that we must work within the confines of the political system we have to effect any kind of change. 

Well we are all entitled to our own views... differences in our upbringing, influences, work, study... all define our uniqueness and the rich tapestry of today's society.

To have a view is valuable and to be admired... to believe it is the one truth? ... now that is a different question... to be so bold as to state that we alone have the 'right answer' is a brave statement indeed...
Anyhow... on to the subject at hand The election of 2017... in reality it doesn't matter who gets in. Haven't we worked it out yet? For as long as I can remember we have been lulled into believing that our vote counts... it's important we're told and that we need to exercise our democratic right to vote. The people who fought for this right are championed as people we need to honour because they effectively brought about…

400 days and Yoga

So I'm approaching 420 days of abstinence from alcohol now... Although it might have seemed with a post one Sunday morning that I had succumbed actually it was not the case. The post read "Now I know why I abstained for 397 days".

It wasn't from a hangover or that dull feeling of lethargy that normally accompanies the consumption of the night before. No, rather a bit more of a revelation as I pondered a discussion about weight loss and how people will be embarking in a few weeks time on a crash course of slimming in order to attain a 'beach ready' body state by July / August time.

So I asked myself why do people actually do this. Starve the body for a while, then 'over do it' again... then back onto the starving... and so the see-saw goes, mixed up with guilt and gay-abandon. But for what? ... deep down is it because we want approval of our 'form' from others? To not be embarrassed? ... so we are effectively doing this to ourselves... messing …

Lent Words - Day 19 ~ Tell

Scraping my way towards 20 words... and today I'm writing about the word 'Tell'. So being as this is a lent list what is that all about in a religious context? Perhaps it is about telling others about the message of Christ and sharing the 'good news'. I'm all for sharing good news... as those who follow my activities in Link4Growth will already know... but... it's a dangerous game to 'tell'.

When we tell someone something in a 1-1 encounter there are generally two situations.
Where the person we're telling has asked us to commentWhere we feel that the person we are talking needs to know something or other In the first situation above we have been invited to share something probably because the person asking us believes we have something useful to contribute, or they would like to know our thoughts on a subject.
The second situation is very different. This is where we feel compelled to tell the other person some information based on our judgement…

Lent words - Day 18 ~ Rest

So far behind on these words that I am going to be writing them at Christmas... anyhow... Palm Sunday has come and gone... Day 40 or so is upon us and I'm writing day 18...  today's word is REST.

We all like to rest... we all like to take a break. Even God after creating the whole world took a break from his labours and a chance to reflect on his work... And he saw that it was good too... no harm in being proud of your work!

So let's look at rest... it does mean different things to different people. 
Some think of rest as completely zoned out... just eat, drink, have fun and then sleep. Others see rest as doing something creative, painting, making something... perhaps doing something that is so different to the hustle bustle of the normal daily routine and therefore a complete contrast.

For others, and I include myself in this I want to occupy my mind with something different which is fun but is also potentially a useful asset in the future. We are here for such a precious…

Lent words - Day 17 ~ Reconcile

So an interesting word for Day 17 : Reconcile

I'm very behind... but I'm not beating myself up!

This word has so much depth and I can cite many situations where it evokes different meanings. We can reconcile something to death... we can be reconciled with death... I remember very well the miners strikes and the reconciliation service ACAS being constantly in the the news in the 70's and 80's.
When we get under the covers of "reconcile" though what does it actually mean?
Coming to terms with something, reconciling ourselves with death or with God for those who travel that roadReaching a compromise, union disputes as mentioned above a great example Acceptance of a situation, I am reconciled to the fact that this will happen... Reconciled our differences, perhaps listening and re-establishing an old relationship gone sourI have now reconciled my thoughts in this area... content with where I am on something
It's really interesting to ponder the examples of situ…

What are you looking for from your Networking?

All business people are told that they must go Networking, why is that?

... well quite simply if you don't then where are you going to go and meet other business people?

Networking provides a convenient method for assembling local business people together in one place so they can get to know each other. Networking is not a place to necessarily get new business directly (although that does happen) but you will also find suppliers, useful connections (people you can refer on maybe), potential collaborators, learn new things, and probably get inspired.

Talking to local businesses "networking" in its current form can still leave a lot of gaps in what we really need to develop ourselves and our business. Let me start off here by saying, what we have with our current 'Networking' models is not wrong, or bad, it's just only fulfilling a couple of our many needs at best.

So what are the needs of a micro or small business?

Meet new people with a diverse range of backgrou…

Lent words - Day 16 ~ Provide

Slipping behind with these posts is one thing, writing them out of sequence another... about to post 17 before 16... and so back to this post which should have been published last Thursday.

When we hear the word "provide" we immediately think of providing Love, a home, security, happiness... or maybe food. But who are we providing for? Well very often we are providing for ourselves but over time we'll find ourselves providing for a family, neighbours maybe, or even the wider community.

Coupled with the above in a more religious context we learn : God is saying "ask me I will provide for you." I don't want to get into a huge debate on this as it isn't the thrust of this post, however asking God for greedy, self obsessed, merchandise to satisfy our spending isn't going to be answered. The "universe" doesn't work like that either. You have to put the work in. We have to take action towards the path we want... keep focused and in the end.…