Moving Personal Development on to the next level

No one can doubt the positive impactthat the personal development industry has enabled over the past 20-30 years.
Nowadays anyone that wants to start increasing their awareness and take more responsibility for self determination has a myriad of books, videos, live events, recordings they can delve into.

Although an avid fan of "self development" I have felt for a while (as my own journey has unfolded) that the industry needs to start moving in a different direction... Or at least a new facet is now ready to emerge.

Personal Development is as the name suggests a very personal thing. It is predominantly about how you can change your thinking to become... More successful.

It seems to me that the emphasis is very much on assisting people to elevate themselves from 'the pack' to be 'the one' with the primary focus being that of, obtaining wealth... The measure of success being counted in terms of material possessions and money.
Maybe it didn't start like this, but …

Did you ever fix your relationship with money?

The other day in one of my early morning semi conscious lucid dreaming meditative states...

I was reflecting on an event that took place in a small town in Thailand called Nakorn Nayok, north of Bangkok on the road to Vietnam.

There was a celebration meal being prepared, I can't remember what it was for, but what I do remember was many people collaborating from the village and co-creating a delicious feast and that some of the monks from the local temple were also invited to participate along with some 'helpers'.

I really didn't pay it much heed at the time, but I asked what the 'helpers' were there for. The response was that if anyone wished to make a donation to the temple that these helpers took the money. I asked, why the monks couldn't just collect it up, didn't seem a big deal to me. The response that came back was that the monks never touched money.

20+ years on I am now reflecting on this event as the mystery around this starts to dawn on me. The…

if you already had to ask is it too late?

This weekend laying quietly after waking my mind was very active.

A couple of things that I often ponder were being tackled by my mind from a different angle, revealing some new insights... these are some of my thoughts around relationships.

Relationships always consist of giving and receiving and although no physical set of scales there can be a constant mental weighing up of whether the giving exceeds the receiving... and herein lies many of the challenges in relationships (and in business) as these scales are rarely in balance which oftentimes leads to rows and arguments...

If we choose not to worry about the scales and just keep giving (a bit of self sacrifice, or I just want an easy life, it's too hard to do battle, resignation) ... in time we can feel a bit of a doormat. Just being used without really any thanks. This can lead to being resentful and bitter in the fullness of time.

The opposite is where there is virtually no regard or recognition for the other and just a focus…

Monitoring your own health - Initial thoughts using Helo

I've pretty much always been interested in health... This was probably because as a keen table tennis player I didn't want to compromise my ability through health issues.

I am also a firm believer that we are a product of what we eat. Bearing in mind that our body replaces most of itself every 8 months or so... the new cells will have to be nourished from the food we eat. If we put rubbish in, then we are more likely to get rubbish out. No guarantees though... life is not like that!

So I shop from the market and local producers, I buy fresh produce (organic as much as I can) and cook all my own food... I don't use Supermarkets haven't since 30th September 2013 (4 year anniversary soon)... I believe in the concept... everything in moderation and try and use what is in season.

Being a computer guy... I have been waiting for those with the backing and technology to come up with devices that can begin to provide us with the ability to monitor our vital signs. To be honest …

Are you trapped in the great big scarcity scam?

When I was growing up in Leavesden near Watford naturally my parents wanted the best for me and my two siblings. This isn't unusual though, I think most parents would want that, wouldn't they? To see their children doing well in the world?

But the above also raises another important point. That, as parents, wouldn't we want first and foremost for our children to grow into happy, content, adults? ... who exude a real love for life. So is it... do well in the world, according to what society dictates or... is it become an individual that follows their own purpose and does what they want with their life?

So what is success to you?
This is a really tough question and probably one that does requires significant reflection time. I have conversations with people all the time on this very subject. What is it that resonates with who you are... that would bring happiness to you each and every day because it is totally aligned to what makes you tick.

Most of us believe the myth that…

Our life is full of coincidences or is it?

In 2016 early in the year the name Viktoria Dudawas first made known to me. I think what happened was that being a Hungarian and the fact I often talk about Hungary, it was suggested I ought to connect with Viktoria.

So we connected in the customary way on Facebook... although I noted that it looked like this kind of platform wasn't where Viktoria spent most of her time!

We infrequently connected on messenger every so often but it wasn't until August 2016 that we both agreed it would be good to actually meet rather than just the light touch facebook connection. So it was we met on the 3rd Friday I think it was in Hitchin at a Link4Coffee.

There was a huge amount of interest from both of us about the different projects we were involved in. Language, Hypnotherapy and Metanoia (programme on self awakening) on Viktoria's part and the whole idea of Link4Growth, the intent, principles and values of the organisation and those spreading the message on my part. What I also learned …

Musings on some of the goings on in today's world

Trump, Brexit...for some, really desperate times... for others, perhaps they can be seen as purely catalysts for change...

I don't know how long Trump has at the helm nor how long it will take for Brexit to be executed... but what we can be sure about is that things are being shaken up a bit, many are upset... people are beginning to question everything... we are more divided than ever... and it's likely to get a lot more ugly before it gets better.

Perhaps we ought to stop looking at these things as they are on the surface. What if we utilised these events as an opportunity for change and to create something much greater, rather than bickering and trying to fix something which is blatantly broken. Also attempts to ride rough shod over other people's thinking, because 'we believe we are right' just further disenfranchises others and provokes hostility as we are seeing now... a huge example of this is escalating tensions between so called 'super powers' bein…