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Yet another post on the 70-30 rule...

Last year in July about a year ago to the day I wrote a blog post about the 70-30 rule. The idea that this ought to replace the out of date 80-20 rule. You can check that blog out here. This blog was all about the idea you can get to 70% of an idea and release it all on your own pretty much... so nothing except you preventing the idea from being birthed.

The second blog post was the realisation looking back on my school days that to go from middle of the road Mr. Average 70% to 80% and beyond required such a herculean effort that I wasn't prepared to make that sacrifice. You can read that blog here.

The reason why I am revisiting this particular topic for a 3rd time is because of the numbers once more...

Your personal community (network) 
Us humans are a pretty sociable bunch but to be honest there is a real limit of how many people we can have in our trusted networks. This is because to get to trust someone we need to spend time with them and really get to know them. What with all…

Past / Future life - Part 3 ~ Thoughts so far

Below... a series of reflections from the first 3 sessions with Viktoria... Many of these had already been formed in my mind over the past few years. What the sessions have done is clarify, amplify and enable me to write them down in this form. 

There is no order in the list below... and there is no assumption they are right or wrong... just thoughts that have come to pass in the reflection of the hours spent intensively wandering into my mind...

I hope you find them thought provoking too... 
Good cannot exist without the bad

What we make of this life is either heaven or hell ... we all have the power to create either. It can only be delivered from within.

When our time has come at the end of this life, the examination we must pass is the one we will set for ourselves. As our life flashes before us, we will have a period to reflect on our time here... what will you say to your consciousness? ... am I happy "how I served here" how I utilised my time here, did I learn all that…

Past / Future Life - Part 2 ~ What's gone on so far

So having set the scene in Part 1... let us now explore some of the substance of what actually happened. Not too much detail here as (1) there would be too much to write... and (2) there is much still to process and reflect upon... but hope the details below give you a clue to how it has been for me so far... Initial SessionSo this session is about explaining what happens. What the intention is of the project and ensure that the commitment is there to work through the programme.So what am I looking for? Well I am seeking to find ways to perhaps accelerate the consciousness transitioning that we are experiencing right now. Maybe some magic that enables much larger numbers to commence their journey. I believe that potential insights gained from this research project could provide some direction to achieve this.
Quite honestly I believe that if we keep applying rational thought from things we already know we'll remain in the box we have already built. To move outside this we have to …

Past / future Life Novice - Part 1 ~ How it began

Towards the back end of 2016 I met Viktoria for the first time. I had no idea really what Viktoria did except teaching languages using hypnotherapy... and that she was from Budapest my 2nd home town! ... moreover she was heading back to Hungary for good. So we arranged to meet in Budapest the very next month as I already had a trip planned.

There will be another blog on kindness but actually Viktoria gave us a reason to talk regularly at Xmas with a surprise package of 10 x 1 hour Hungarian lessons... but the caveat I had to use them by the end of March!
The rest is pretty much history.. after March we agreed to work together some more. For me the Hungarian... for Viktoria some coaching on exploring ways for her to take her interests forward.
What has come out of the initial sessions (apart from my Hungarian improving) is that for Viktoria the development of what was 'a strong interest' in Past / Future Lives to this being a full on mainstream activity. You can read more abou…

Apathy might not be the main cause of our inaction for change...

I hear the word Apathy a lot
"People are so apathetic. They want change but no one is prepared to do anything". There is often a moment of rage about an event, or a person, where everyone is up in arms... but life moves on... memories are short... and whether we believe it or not... we leave it for others to take care of it as the next issue, big news story rolls onto the TV or into the newspaper. Social media is agog with dismay about Brexit and the Election... and yet in our communities it's business as usual... we're upset of course... we're angry for a bit of course... but let's be honest no one really changes do they... we just carry on. Why is that do you think? is it too tough making ends meet? money, jobs, keep focused otherwise we'll sufferdo we feel we can't really make a difference?have we not really got a channel which we believe will make a difference? So all we're really doing is making it a little uncomfortable for a few "Leader…

20 ideas for taking responsibility for your health

For a good few years I have been a fan of really focusing on looking after what I put into my body. I'm not fanatical about it and I live by the moto "everything in moderation", and "My body is a temple".

Below are things that I have tried and have worked into my daily routine :- Always shop at local markets and look for fresh food (not used supermarkets since 30th Sept 2013)Cook all my own food... but I still go out and sometimes just eat whatever I fancy (once or twice a month type of frequency)I don't bash myself over the head for having a piece of cake or a cookie or something. I eat it and I enjoy it.I exercise regularly, Yoga, at home body workouts, Cycling and my first love Table Tennis... will be doing much more of that again this year comingI now rarely drink alcohol... and if I do... it is with great company and only in small quantitiesI am aware of my body and how it works. If you are not interested in your body and how it is functioning, then who…

The prodigal son... what is going on in the minds?

This isn't a religious post

It is however an expansion on the parable recorded as one of Jesus teachings. 

The other day whilst driving around, this parable came to me as something to ponder in relation to my own journey... how does it resonate with you?

If you remember the story, a merchant with two sons. The younger decided he wanted to go off and make his fortune and so asked the father for 1/2 his inheritance and off he went. Things didn't go too well for the younger son... lots of drinking... women, wine and song. After a while the young lad was starving and scratching around for just enough food to eat and it dawned on him that the workers on his fathers estate faired better than he was doing. He decided to return to his father, and ask if he could work on the estate with the other 'hands'. He would at least not want for food and a place to stay.

The father was so overjoyed at his sons return (presumed dead) that he killed one of the calfs and organised a party to…

Summer on the bike!

This year back in early May...

I decided that I would get my bike serviced and try and see how it might work reducing the car usage back to the absolute minimum.

So I committed to myself to using pedal power as opposed to fossil fuel for June / July and August to see how things might go. The spin off benefits of course obviously exercise for one... a daily bike ride (or collection of short ones) of 2 or 3 miles plus the odd longer one thrown in will give me a good cardio workout and also useful for the larger leg muscle groups.

Many of us have bikes which we rarely use and I was no different I think the last time I rode a bike in earnest was maybe 3 years ago and even then only very sporadically never getting really back into it properly.

So 2 and a half weeks in how is it going?
Well I'm really enjoying it. A daily visit to my mums at the moment is being substituted with a bike ride whenever possible, the long days means I can really do the journey after 9pm which is great as I can…

How is your mum doing - Part 2 (mum`s perspective)

The other week I wrote a blog about "How is your mum doing?" ... this is a second piece about the same subject.

This time we are to look at the situation from the mothers (elderly persons) point of view... how does she feel in the situation of being a much more frail version of her former self?

I have no doubt that in almost every case the person who needs to be cared for is desperately unhappy with their dependency on other other people. Pride, dignity, often a life of significance and status in their networks now reduced to incontinence, double handed plastic drinking cups, zimmer frames and having to be washed and cleaned by others.

Have heard the saying 'It takes a village to bring up a child"? ... Here's another one... "it takes a village to look after an old person"... with young children the parents have youth on their side and if they are fortunate family close by to support and assist... when it comes to old people... it seems to them... we a…

Why I'm not voting in the 2017 election

A long time ago an idea was created to control the masses.

They called this democracy. A great idea at the time.

Provide people with a 'pseudo' element of being able to influence how they were governed. Fabulous idea.... and so a predecessor of our modern day democracy was born.

The reality however is that this isn't democracy at all. I have often heard people say. You must vote... people died to provide you with the ability to vote. To be a part of deciding who will govern our country.

Why must I vote?
I am sorry to break this to you... the people who govern our country have not been the people who sit in parliament, nor have they been the prime ministers of old... this election will be no different. We see in this election for the first time in a while, two more polarised candidates (Conservative / Labour) than we have for many a year... however in the Ted Heath / Michael Foot days this was normal. We have just forgotten (or we weren't born).

Sorry... but since the anno…

Beware - Fake News... but it is plausible...

LEAKED Documents from the government office (not really)

And so Theresa May was summoned to appear before a committee consisting of all the large corporations in London who have been behind the conservatives (and Tony Blair)... back in March 2017

Spokesman: Good morning Theresa, thanks for coming. We want you to call a snap election.

Theresa May: Why? we are doing fine, I'm just getting my feet under the table and we are way ahead in the polls

Spokesman: I can't tell you everything Theresa but let us just say it is essential you call a general election

Theresa May: Possibly it would be a good thing, I can get that. Consolidate my position as elected, strengthen the support for our policies. Give Brexit more authority.

Spokesman: Just one more thing Theresa... we want you to lose the election... and... we don't want it too look too obvious either.

Theresa May: What? Why on earth would I want to call an election and then lose it? You must explain!

Spokesman: OK... I have been autho…

Time to get the bike out!

Funny how people and things pop up in your life... or is it?

Back at Christmas I made a decision that during 2017 I wasn't going to drive around as much and that more time was to be spent in SW Herts. This was brought about by a combination of things.

Supporting and helping with my motherMy +Link4Growth district is +Link4Growth SW Herts and I want to grow the success we have on supporting and growing local community ... check out the community hub hereI want to work with local entrepreneurs and build a rock solid local business support network... so that we all win through collaboration and working together.I want to spend more time developing local things I am involved in such as Table TennisI want to drive less, up my game on fitness levels and use my time more effectivelySpend more time doing things I am passionate aboutThrough transitioning Link4Growth to an Association, providing the space and oxygen for it to expand into its full potential So now 1/2 way through the year and m…

Using 21st century tools with a 20th century mindset

It's been an interesting few weeks talking to micro business owners about their businesses.

As per a guest blog written for Link4Growth one of the biggest challenges for micro businesses is not meeting new people but actually getting unbiased advice and guidance about how to develop their endeavour.

As a micro business owner getting our message out to those that could benefit from what we have to offer is a major challenge. So the phenomena I am about to describe is totally understandable....
A huge number of startup businesses are initiated by those leaving the corporate world and who are looking for a change in direction (many in the 40+ age group)The largest growth in Facebook usage is the 40+ demographic... with money to spend and new businessesSocial Media is seen as a low cost advertising and marketing platform to 'sell' and 'advertise'We have grown up in a world that believes if you throw enough marketing at things, some will stick and business will be done T…

How is your mum doing? ... a simple question isn't it? ... or is it?

Communication is a hugely complex subject

Even more so because communication often comes with a whole load of baggage. What do I mean by that?

Many of you know my mum has been unwell of late, she is doing ok right now though which is great. So let's look at the simple question "How is your mum doing?"

This could be a very simple question... taken at face value with a genuine heartfelt interest and desire to get the latest update. However it might also be a leading question, loaded with all manner of other judgments. Let me explain what I mean.

Last week I had a meeting with +Jon Thorne who was explaining to me about how autistic people just aren't hard wired for 'socialisation'. What he meant by that is that questions are answered without the complication of saying what is acceptable to the recipient. This comes across as rude or lacking empathy... but it is neither, it is a hard wired difference in the way the brain works. This type of thinking could be inval…

A quick update on abstinence from Alcohol...

A quick recap. Back on March 1 2016 I made a decision to quit drinking alcohol. There are various blog posts on here about why that happened (at the start, and in April 2017). As you will see it started off as a permanent decision but then at Christmas (although still not drinking) I did change my mind and decided not to be a victim of my own dogma.

So during my last trip to Budapest I did have a few cans of beer. Not strong... not over the top... actually it came about because the wrong beer (not alcohol free) had been purchased... a huge long walk across the north of Hungary and into Slovakia... 20 miles or so... a very late night... a bath... aches and pains... possibly fractured rib and a decision to just enjoy a cold one in the bath.
No fanfare... no guilt... no beating myself up... just an enjoyable (and it was) glass of Hungarian beer. That was a total of 465 days... although to be honest I had to compute that as I had long since lost interest in keeping track.
So... broken the…