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Using 21st century tools with a 20th century mindset

It's been an interesting few weeks talking to micro business owners about their businesses.

As per a guest blog written for Link4Growth one of the biggest challenges for micro businesses is not meeting new people but actually getting unbiased advice and guidance about how to develop their endeavour.

As a micro business owner getting our message out to those that could benefit from what we have to offer is a major challenge. So the phenomena I am about to describe is totally understandable....
A huge number of startup businesses are initiated by those leaving the corporate world and who are looking for a change in direction (many in the 40+ age group)The largest growth in Facebook usage is the 40+ demographic... with money to spend and new businessesSocial Media is seen as a low cost advertising and marketing platform to 'sell' and 'advertise'We have grown up in a world that believes if you throw enough marketing at things, some will stick and business will be done T…

How is your mum doing? ... a simple question isn't it? ... or is it?

Communication is a hugely complex subject

Even more so because communication often comes with a whole load of baggage. What do I mean by that?

Many of you know my mum has been unwell of late, she is doing ok right now though which is great. So let's look at the simple question "How is your mum doing?"

This could be a very simple question... taken at face value with a genuine heartfelt interest and desire to get the latest update. However it might also be a leading question, loaded with all manner of other judgments. Let me explain what I mean.

Last week I had a meeting with +Jon Thorne who was explaining to me about how autistic people just aren't hard wired for 'socialisation'. What he meant by that is that questions are answered without the complication of saying what is acceptable to the recipient. This comes across as rude or lacking empathy... but it is neither, it is a hard wired difference in the way the brain works. This type of thinking could be inval…

A quick update on abstinence from Alcohol...

A quick recap. Back on March 1 2016 I made a decision to quit drinking alcohol. There are various blog posts on here about why that happened (at the start, and in April 2017). As you will see it started off as a permanent decision but then at Christmas (although still not drinking) I did change my mind and decided not to be a victim of my own dogma.

So during my last trip to Budapest I did have a few cans of beer. Not strong... not over the top... actually it came about because the wrong beer (not alcohol free) had been purchased... a huge long walk across the north of Hungary and into Slovakia... 20 miles or so... a very late night... a bath... aches and pains... possibly fractured rib and a decision to just enjoy a cold one in the bath.
No fanfare... no guilt... no beating myself up... just an enjoyable (and it was) glass of Hungarian beer. That was a total of 465 days... although to be honest I had to compute that as I had long since lost interest in keeping track.
So... broken the…

What's love got to do with it?

Love comes in many forms...

We can love our parents, we love our children... we love our partners... we can love people that we meet and help and support... there are many forms of love...

But what is love? it's a really difficult question to answer. It's one of those questions that we think we can answer but then it sneaks off in another direction and we begin to question ourselves as to whether we really know anything about love or not.

I would like to share some thoughts about Love... they are neither right nor wrong... maybe for you I am way off the mark but the question of Love comes up so often in all aspects of our life that giving it some space to reflect isn't a bad thing...

So for me... I think to love someone is to do something for someone because you want to. Not necessarily because you were asked... not because you expect something back from that person, but pure and simply just because you can. It is the selfless action of doing something for another where the…

Budapest is amazing ... so please do go and visit!

I don't know what it is about Budapest... but it is definitely my second home... and probably my spiritual home. 

Budapest is the joining together of Buda and Pest ... Pest is the flat side... Buda is the hilly area on the other side of the river Danube. The castle district is on the Buda side of the Danube on the hill you can't miss it... The Parliament building on the Pest side.

There is a small selection of pictures here on this Blog... but please head over to my English people who love Hungary and Hungarians facebook page where I do also post pictures from visits and other interesting Hungarian related info. If you really want to get to know a few Hungarian people then I have a facebook group Anglo-Hungarian Bridge which is there to promote connection between our two countries... ask me one day what the Brits and Hungarians have in common... quite a bit actually, and not what you would think either!
So... you are going to Budapest? (... or considering it) Below is a list o…

Election 2017... a reality check

Some will argue that this post is somewhat naive... others that we must work within the confines of the political system we have to effect any kind of change. 

Well we are all entitled to our own views... differences in our upbringing, influences, work, study... all define our uniqueness and the rich tapestry of today's society.

To have a view is valuable and to be admired... to believe it is the one truth? ... now that is a different question... to be so bold as to state that we alone have the 'right answer' is a brave statement indeed...
Anyhow... on to the subject at hand The election of 2017... in reality it doesn't matter who gets in. Haven't we worked it out yet? For as long as I can remember we have been lulled into believing that our vote counts... it's important we're told and that we need to exercise our democratic right to vote. The people who fought for this right are championed as people we need to honour because they effectively brought about…

400 days and Yoga

So I'm approaching 420 days of abstinence from alcohol now... Although it might have seemed with a post one Sunday morning that I had succumbed actually it was not the case. The post read "Now I know why I abstained for 397 days".

It wasn't from a hangover or that dull feeling of lethargy that normally accompanies the consumption of the night before. No, rather a bit more of a revelation as I pondered a discussion about weight loss and how people will be embarking in a few weeks time on a crash course of slimming in order to attain a 'beach ready' body state by July / August time.

So I asked myself why do people actually do this. Starve the body for a while, then 'over do it' again... then back onto the starving... and so the see-saw goes, mixed up with guilt and gay-abandon. But for what? ... deep down is it because we want approval of our 'form' from others? To not be embarrassed? ... so we are effectively doing this to ourselves... messing …

Lent Words - Day 19 ~ Tell

Scraping my way towards 20 words... and today I'm writing about the word 'Tell'. So being as this is a lent list what is that all about in a religious context? Perhaps it is about telling others about the message of Christ and sharing the 'good news'. I'm all for sharing good news... as those who follow my activities in Link4Growth will already know... but... it's a dangerous game to 'tell'.

When we tell someone something in a 1-1 encounter there are generally two situations.
Where the person we're telling has asked us to commentWhere we feel that the person we are talking needs to know something or other In the first situation above we have been invited to share something probably because the person asking us believes we have something useful to contribute, or they would like to know our thoughts on a subject.
The second situation is very different. This is where we feel compelled to tell the other person some information based on our judgement…

Lent words - Day 18 ~ Rest

So far behind on these words that I am going to be writing them at Christmas... anyhow... Palm Sunday has come and gone... Day 40 or so is upon us and I'm writing day 18...  today's word is REST.

We all like to rest... we all like to take a break. Even God after creating the whole world took a break from his labours and a chance to reflect on his work... And he saw that it was good too... no harm in being proud of your work!

So let's look at rest... it does mean different things to different people. 
Some think of rest as completely zoned out... just eat, drink, have fun and then sleep. Others see rest as doing something creative, painting, making something... perhaps doing something that is so different to the hustle bustle of the normal daily routine and therefore a complete contrast.

For others, and I include myself in this I want to occupy my mind with something different which is fun but is also potentially a useful asset in the future. We are here for such a precious…