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How can we stop community dividing us?

Over the past few weeks I have been having some really interesting discussionsaround Community, Religion, and 'what is needed' if we are to bring about real change in the world. 

There is no shortage of people out there that tell us what we have isn't working. There are many people who will tell you we need some kind of global organisation to bring people together... but... herein lies the problem. If we try to enforce another 'global' idea won't we just fall foul of creating just a new (different) version of what we already have with an alternative set of people in charge? ... A different (albeit at the start more palatable) group, suggesting yet another 'right' way.

In trying to coerce or persuade people to follow a 'path' the inevitability is that there will always be the anomalies. Those that don't want to follow (and quite rightly so). Those that have their own ideas about what they want to do, what works better for them... the thing is…

What if we didn't ask for money? ~ Part 2

Earlier in the year I wrote about "What if we didn't ask for money?" ... This was the introduction to the idea that along with money, grants, charity comes allegiance to whoever wields (provides) the finances. Actually our whole volunteering sector is now subject to the same rigid structures and controls as business.

Although the volunteer sector messaging is designed to have us part with our hard earned cash (guilt trip more than often) at the centre it's all about money, money, money. Give us your money so we can 'operate' (and pay people)... Having slipped into 'business mode', you could be forgiven for thinking that volunteering and doing good things has been hijacked as it is now almost indistinguishable from the corporate sector.

Before anyone jumps on my back here, yes charities do some amazing work... but it has become an industry in itself, under the control of the money men... this is the point I'm making. Please take a look at the blo…