We will be irrevocably changed by this Lockdown

There is absolutely no question in my mind that the events of the past 3 months(and the next 3 too) will bring about probably the swiftest and most radical changes to how we live our lives, bar none!

If we look back in history, the discovery of bronze, steel, printing press, radio, tv, computers, Internet... they all brought about sweeping change, but it took years, sometimes centuries for the changes to be absorbed into societal change. Here we are talking about "a year or two".

Some of the changes are undeniably overdue, but in a world governed by money, greed, materialism and control it's difficult to persuade those benefiting the most, from seeing the need to change anything... quite simply they are doing ok... bugger the consequences.

And yet... regardless of whether you believe in climate change or not, it makes perfect sense to clean up our act and stop polluting the only home we have ever known; our planet.

Of course in the endless chase for growth (GDP- a meaning…

"Social Distancing" the buzz words for a new modus operandi...

A while back I wrote a blog about how things might pan out with consideration to the state of the global economy.You can read that piece [Here]. Not much has changed to be fair, except that we are teetering ever closer to D-Day.

What is quite clear if you keep your ears close to the ground and your eyes open is that we are in between a rock and a hard place right now.

On the one hand the stock markets, capitalists, money men and those in positions of power, fuelled by greed, want to maintain the myth of growth at all costs (using the meaningless measure of GDP). Which of course conflicts with the "save the planet" mantra, conservation of resources, climate change, and radical scaling back of carbon emissions (Save the planet, extinction rebellion).

So notwithstanding the diametrically opposing groups above, there is the additional conundrum of the fact that the planet is in a global debt bubble of such extreme proportions that it is difficult to see how we can exit from it w…

Corona Virus and the deeper meaning...

We have been through the tumultuous years of the Brexit times (and it is not over). This is still a hugely divisive time in the history of our country... Where friends and families remain pitted against each other in what has become a rather nasty and ugly chapter in recent times.

Of course Leave blames Remain, Remain blames Leave in an endless game of tick-tack-toe where defences not unlike those at the Somme allow people to hide in their trenches (behind a computer screen) firing incessantly at 'the enemy' in some forlorn hope that any of it will make a difference... of course, it will not.

Then it got worse with the slating of anyone who voted Tory becoming a vile, xenophobic, racist, anti rights, anti LGBT, anti poor, anti human creature... even though there were quite a few of them and the most popular party by some way... The divisions now growing not ceding.

What we have in this country is less an epidemic of a flu virus, more an epidemic of a breakdown in society and co…

Do you loathe having medical tests?

A while back, around 2015, I was introduced to the idea of HbA1c. This is a test that can be used to not only determine if someone has developed Diabetes but is also a tool for managing the condition. 

The test is not to be confused with a glucose test which solely measure how much glucose is in the blood right at this minute. HbA1c provides an average of the last 3 months management of sugar in the blood and is therefore a much better marker for determining diabetes and the management of the condition.

Although not a diabetic, I know many who are, and have expressed an interest in being able to access tests within their local community, especially as the NHS have now restricted this service to one test per year. Unfortunately neither the technology nor the emerging trends were far enough advanced to make this a reality... until now that is.

Just recently we have formed an organisation called Health Reader Ltd. to deliver exactly this test (HbA1c) and also other useful diagnostics. In…

Being happy for others... Part II

This is a follow up post to the one the other day on how it was a bit of a struggle to 'be happy for others' who were enjoying success. Having written that piece it then formed part of a meditation / reflection I had a day or two after. This revealed further thoughts about this 'being happy for others' that had been omitted from the last blog.

This was also partially inspired by a podcast I was encouraged to listen to by Nikki Pepper which was about 'Anxiety and Depression' with Johann Hari and Dr Rangan Chatterjee (2 hours but well worth it).

On deeper reflection I think when I am struggling to 'be happy' for others it is more to do with the intent or motive behind the success. If the motive is to 'be better' than others, to somehow be superior and 'show off' then this is where my difficulties begin to arise.

This came up in the podcast, what Johann called 'Junk Values'; Money love, Materialism, Popularity or fame. Much of soci…

Self service checkouts stealing jobs...

I've read quite a few posts over the last yearcomplaining about supermarket self service checkouts. These posts have been anything from a simple: "Don't use them" to forcing supermarkets to reinstate the regular checkouts with actual people serving customers. The reason for this blog post is not just about supermarkets, but the trend it highlights regarding the unrelenting progress of technology and the inevitable contraction of 'jobs' and resultant decline in spending power of a population with less money.

Differing perspectives
Times are changing of that there is no argument. The checkout situation above of course is right in our face every week when we pick up groceries. But of course we are all participating in the same kind of decline in regular retail as we switch to Amazon and huge online companies. Who do you think is responsible for the reduced customer numbers on the high street? ... Although a number of factors involved, this is much less obvious, b…

Being happy for others...

There have been many challengesin my personal development that have been huge taken years to overcome. When I say overcome I don't mean that they have been consigned to the rubbish bin never to show their faces ever again either.

What I have found is that with personal growth we become more adept at spotting what we want to improve, and through reflection faster and faster at identifying what has happened. That ego is a clever fellow, but very necessary, as our influencer and soul mate on the journey. Our ego knows us so well, perhaps when we truly make him / her our friend and not our "guide" we begin to see a different path.

Some of the most difficult challenges I have faced are those when squaring up to the ego and looking him straight in the face... These include, comparing myself to others, trying to be better than those I associate with, "love" of money (not just the need, that is part of today's society as it stands) and proving how successful I am (…