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Can't tell you how it will end... but I can tell you how it will begin!

In 2013 there has been a lot of 'talk'... talk of the need to change, talk of the corruption and lack of honesty, integrity and morals in the leadership of our country. This has been brought to the attention of many for the first time by the now infamous video of +Russell Brand explaining to Jeremy Paxman the fact that the existing systems that we have do not serve the people. Citing sustainability of our planet and the huge disparity between the fortunes of the 1% and the 99% as just two of the issues at stake.

There are excellent people out there, visionaries such as +Seth Godin sharing great wisdom about how we are all unique and we should discover our passions... and people closer to home who are leading the voice for the small business such as +Tony Robinson OBE and +Tina Boden of Enterprise Rockers who are doing a huge amount to raise the profile of the millions of hard working self employed and small businesses who are the foundation on which this country's future l…

The 7 P's of doing business in the 21st century

Recently I attended a workshop down in the West Country which has been the subject of a different Blog Post, and even more recent than that +Kate Griffiths has been developing a workshop for the 'Open Source' Link4Skills initiative in Link4Growth which was delivered for the first time at the beginning of November and has been the catalyst for this blog.

The old (and tired) marketing P's were Product, Price, Place and Promotion and this has been taught around the world in various guises for eons. It is however, also, all about competition which stimulates scarcity thinking, focusses more acutely on money and the idea that if you throw enough marketing out there, some will stick and product will sell...

Whereas in some case the above still holds water, we are on the journey to a new era of doing business, fuelled for the most part by the Internet which is revolutionising the very fabric of how we live and work.

The 7 P's of doing business are as follows... and I will be…

L4GYouth... isn't it about time we made repair?

This week I was given an opportunity to 'think', an activity I pursue with vigour every single day, but this week was different... I had space doing something unusually different and therefore a unique oasis of time was afforded me (check my previous blog for details).

An idea has been developing within the concept of +Link4Growth for sometime now, but I believe things happen when they are supposed too... and for this particular project the time is now...

As a member of the Baby Boomers (agreed at the latter end of it) we have constantly strived for more, more of everything. This has been money, possessions, material wealth and more often than not to the detriment of family, relationships, community and our happiness. It is no wonder that the next generation who have grown
up watching this and who are now young adults are saying, actually that is not what we want. We have seen our parents flog themselves to death for 'objects', better houses, better cars... more stuf…

I had no idea what I was going to... but I went anyway!

Some people in the past have labelled me a WooWoo in denial... others... in touch with my feminine side... I'm not really that sure what these terms mean and it could have all gone horribly wrong but fortunately I retain a very open mind... and so it was with intrigue and interest that I accepted an invitation from good friend +Kate Griffiths to attend a new inaugural 2 day residential workshop in Somerset. The title for the workshop was 'unknown' and the content all very vague, but I'm an inquisitive sort and as Kate was working with a colleague the renowned Kath Roberts @alchemy4thesoul (of whom I had heard good things) I considered that this might represent an opportunity to create a short Oasis in what has become a hectic schedule of all schedules!

At dinner in the evening some had confessed to being seduced to attend by the venue and the cuisine on offer... I hadn't even checked out the venue, it was purely on trust and I guess some measure of intuition that …

Party Politics is dying... so what happens next?

On the eve of the political party conference season I have never witnessed such a high degree of disengagement with the current political system. I do not believe this is because people do not care, I believe it is because people have given up on the notion that their voice makes any difference. For some time now we have been presented with a mere colour choice in politics. People enter politics with high ambitions to bring about change, but very soon they get systemised and realise that the people holding the key to change also hold their future in their hands... towing the party line becomes an inevitability if you want to get on in politics...

I was speaking with a friend around a month ago and we were discussing the issues of local government and how change can be effected... and it was the lack of sense and action that was a catalyst for this individual to get involved, not as a councillor but in the system in some way. Having got involved he soon realised that to bring about chan…

How can we reverse the trend of Obesity?

I am no expert in Health and Fitness nor on Nutrition, but from leaving home and not knowing how to cook an egg to where I am now has been a great journey. There is something quite magical about combining a load of ingredients together and then sitting down to enjoy the fruits of your labours... I am hooked! ... and for those that know me, you know I am now fairly passionate about eating healthily, after all... as my father once said... "without your health you have nothing...". It is however difficult as a young person with all your life ahead of you to really worry too much about what you eat, you're young, eat and drink what you want... plenty of time for being serious about all that later isn't there? ... but old habits die hard and best to at least find out about your body and how to get the best from it early on, then you can enjoy life to the max... this is why I am so proud of +Otis Ogle (my son) who has gone from knowing virtually nothing to having some rea…

The Concept of Enough ... and Occupy Love

Last week I was very lucky to be able to watch a private screening of the Occupy Love movie with +Kate Griffiths (who organised the event) and a collection of other interesting ladies.

The movie discussed the phenomena of the Occupy movement, its rise (and its fall at least physically on Wall Street) and what the outcomes have been from this, and other significant 'coming together' of people right across the globe. One of the most important messages from the film is the message that 'Love' is the solution to the problems in the world today and that it is directly opposed to, Hate, Envy, Greed, Control, Manipulation, Power, domination over others which are characteristics of the capitalistic world that we live in today.

The problem for most people is that it is a bit of a 'cliche'... Love is the solution... there is no doubt that this is the case, however it is most probably 'as a concept' a bridge too far for people to leap right now... what would it l…

London to have new Tourist Attractions - Houses of Parliament & 10 Downing Street

By 2024 the Houses of Parliament, 10 Downing Street and all the paraphernalia of how we once governed the country will be a huge tourist attraction for London and the UK!

Sounds impossible doesn't it? but then again, so did the Berlin Wall when it came down, so did many of the uprisings of the Arab spring... but how could such a big change happen, and so quickly right here in the heart of one of the oldest democratic countries of the world?

Of course turning the Houses of Parliament into a museum will be just another step in a long process that has already begun. There are a lot of signs out there if you take the time to look, that this is a foregone conclusion... it is only now a question of time... a slow tide coming in, but why now?

There are a lot of factors, so let us take some time to look at some of the changes that are happening and why they are leading us inexorably through huge shifts in our social and political environment.

The Internet ... the internet has been through…

Six Pack in Six Months (#6P6M) - what was it all about?

As you might be aware in September (2012) I set a target to develop a six pack in six months... why? ... well I have never had one and I wanted to achieve this in my 50th year... I must admit I didn't really appreciate 'how hard' it would be but... having spawned the idea in my head, it wasn't going away... (that's not me by the way on the right...

So what were the lessons learned during the 6 months? what did the journey reveal to me?

The first challenge was getting myself excited about the project. I'm not a natural when it comes to working out, so for me to keep momentum on something like this I need to build up the interest level so that it does not fall away. How could I achieve that?

Make it public... by deciding to post every step of the way onto the +Link4Growth forum blog, I was sharing my journey with everyone else... it meant to me that I was no longer just letting myself down, but everyone else too... how could I, he who wields the words 'do wha…

Just how do we get an unemployed workforce back to work and engaged?

Last week I participated in an initiative to introduce the 50+ age group here in Watford to people who might be able to help them get back into work. There were representatives from different organisations around Watford there for the attendees to talk to, but what of the 50+ age group, what were they like, what were their expectations?

Well as you can imagine there were people from all walks of life... there were some there that attended because they were kind of told to do so... others because they were unemployed but wanted to start something themselves, and others who had been employed for decades and just needed to get a 'job' to pay the bills etc.

Here is an interesting observation though... when asking people about their experience you get one answer, when you ask them what would they love to do... you very often get another... what they are trying to do is work within the confines of the box that they have created for themselves...

And herein lies the problem and inde…