An introduction to my New Blogger Blog

And so I start my new blog finally in Google's Blogger

As you may or may not know we are now building +Link4Growth right across the UK, bringing people into the +Link4Growth  family and enabling them to communicate, collaborate and participate with all online platforms much more effectively. We are running a number of workshops to enable this to happen and I wanted a space where I could keep people up to date on developments... and so within Google and G+ a platform exists to do just that right in the heart of the Google engine (so to speak)

So this is the start... what will you find here on this Link4Change blog? Well a bit of all the following :-

  1. Updates on +Link4Growth  and how we are moving forward
  2. Social Media and the whole online environment and how to get the best from it
  3. My views on the new working environment and how this is shifting as we move towards a more giving not taking era and much more nurturing and supportive community
  4. Health, nutrition and fitness
  5. Education and why we need a big rethink
  6. A smattering of politics although 'A' political in nature
  7. Things I am passionate about, such as Technology and of course Table Tennis
  8. Communities and how Link4Growth is bringing lone voices in the wilderness together to enable change to take place more quickly
... and there may well be other bits thrown in as they come to my attention... and I hope to reciprocate with some guest bloggers from time to time...

We live in a very exciting time... things are changing massively out there and I hope in some small way this blog will move people along their journey... it is time for us all to play our part... no one is more important that anyone else... we all need to be able to make a contribution and have a voice... we all have skills that are sorely needed and we are all here for a purpose... if everyone worked together, now... what a place that would be!


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