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Social Media - A few years on

Social Media... a few years on..

Link4Growth - Social Media... a few years on!
When social media first became mainstream for many of us which was probably only a couple of years ago... or perhaps only even last year... we are confused by the massive array of different tools available to us! I know when I started looking at it back in 2008 there seemed so much to get your head around, and today it is 10 times worse!! ... I know it must seem like a never ending task to get up to speed with everything and talking with people like +Dipa Kotak +Nikki Pepper , +Matthew Human I know most people think how can they possibly firstly know all this stuff, and secondly keep it all updated!

The question came up at the 'LinkedIn with Intent' workshop on Saturday about, how long do I spend on Social Media each day... to be absolutely honest I have no idea... the problem is that once you have worked out how to use Social Media, what tool is going to allow you to express yourself in what way, you kind of slot it into your daily routine and do it without really noticing... it becomes if you like a way of working as opposed to a specific task you set aside time to do...

Before you can slot it in like this though it is key that you know what you are doing with each tool... that requires a strategy for you, everyone is different depending on what they are trying to achieve... but just as an example I will kind of let you in on the inside of how I use the tools and perhaps this will help... The first thing you have to get used to is making use of those micro moments of a day, where you are 'waiting' ... it could be for a kettle to boil, might be for a bus or train to come... might be waiting for someone to meet you... or even for an event to start... the list of moments like this is unending and normally we squander this time because we think... there is not enough time to start anything... but here is the big paradigm shift... there is time to do a social media update... but which one?

So... these are new habits you have to form... they take no time to do, do not eat in to other productive time, and most importantly can ONLY BE DONE BY YOU!!!

Foursquare, Facebook or G+ CHECK IN 

Why do a check in? ... because you can update all the social media platforms with one entry, Twitter, Facebook, G+, Foursquare... and it just tells people you are on the move doing something... this requires nothing more than just having a mobile device and being in a location... most of us can manage that! Just you have to THINK TO DO IT!!!

Respond to other peoples posts on Facebook, Hootsuite, G+

Read, click Like (facebook), +1 (Google Plus), retweet (Hootsuite / Twitter)... takes no time, can do it on the move... engages with people, develops relationships, only you can do it... and you have to THINK TO DO IT!!!

Link4Growth Forums - Tapatalk

Keep in touch with the community... read... comment, message... takes no time, can be done on the move, engages with the L4G community, builds relationships, only you can do it! ... but again you have to THINK TO DO IT!!!


I do actually take time out of my day to work on LinkedIn... the conversations are more business focussed, they are about connecting... and I do a fair amount of detective work on here, actually tracking people down and making strategic connection requests with people who I have been tracking or want to build relationships with... I would say 1/2 an hour per day on this one...


I am in here more and more now... sort out your circles... get connected to the Link4Growth Districts that you are close too and read the Link4Growth G+ and Twitter Support community posts... there is a lot of information being curated for your benefit in there and will set fire to your use of G+ ... in the early days give yourself 30 minutes in here... of course there is some set up / getting organised investment required... and do get onto the 'Google+ With Intent' workshop... we are doing exciting things with G+ in Link4Growth.

Remember G+ has the ability to deliver quality content that you want to read to you sifting out all the rubbish that you don't need... it means getting to the useful interesting stuff is quick and easy which saves time... now we all want that don't we??

...ALSO... G+ is where we can begin our journey of running our entire operation via the Internet... the more mobile we come, the more we need everything at our finger tips... G+ is a NEW WAY OF WORKING' you can do almost everything you need to do to operate your enterprise through G+... and the best bit... it is FREE!!

Hootsuite / Twitter

These should be on all day... this is your news feed... these things can come in to your mobile as notifications and they prompt you to take action... this is amazing because it is bringing stuff to your attention... guess what?? you DON'T HAVE TO THINK!! ... this is your personal news channel... it feeds what you want to read directly to you... get on the 'Connect with Intent' workshop to learn how to get this working exactly the way you need it!


This is my social club... yes of course there is some business element to it, but this is where I hang out have non business related discussions and chat with people who I have met, want to meet or to firm up arrangements in a social non pressure environment... here you can show your fun side, talk about things that interest you... and no need to take yourself too seriously... This platform is a great place to support others, like other peoples info... share content and get conversations fired up... this for me is like a pub environment... you can softly demonstrate your expertise and begin to attract people to you for what you are good at... but only through conversation and NEVER with leading questions... that is just too obvious... ** tip - keep the profile light in here... people don't want to read all about your business... do that on LinkedIn, your blog... or on Business pages on Facebook or G+... if people are interested they will go off and find out more about you!


A chance to explain to people your character and what floats your boat in pictures... If you spot a picture that you like anywhere on the Internet, a Video or something pictorial then just PIN IT or save it for later (download)... keep a library of images that you would like to Pin and upload them when you have a moment!

Create a few boards and get posting pictures / banners / Infographics ... fashion, shoes... anything that you are 'Into' and then people can learn about you in a new interesting way... This platform is growing fast and is another way to group your story together... people who can relate to things you share here can then become connections on other platforms too! ... a good thing I think 

In Conclusion

Social Media doesn't need to be assigned special time... it requires you to think Digitally... and to begin to adapt to the 'New Era'... it might not be for everyone, but I hope that as you can see from above, it need not take a lot of time to interact with people during a day... I think I probably communicate in some shape or form with upwards of 50 people each and every day, something I could never have done before... many of them are 'very light touches' a Like here, a G+ there... but it's developing the relationship in a small way each time... reminding people of myself and that there content is useful and they are valued... something we all need...

When writing something a bit more substantial like this post... or indeed a blog... you need to assign some time for this... but this is real value content... like writing an article or publishing news updates... they always took time (and still do) but these are an important component in becoming an authority in your niche and building your credibility... it is just now you have a vast array of tools to bring people to these quality pieces of information and learn about your particular talents and skills!

The Way Forward

Of course all the above requires a good strategy for your social media usage, how you will use it in your life? ...and how it can be blended in with your daily routine so that you can become a 'Digital operator' ... that might not be your goal... but if it is... then have a chat with your Link4Growth District Leader and they will help you move along in your digital journey...


  1. Very interesting read.....great stuff Chris ...

  2. What a great round-up Chris! It's interesting how we each adopt a different social media strategy according to our respective businesses. For me, that's part of what makes it so fascinating - the diversity of purpose.

    1. Thanks Louise :) Yes it is very interesting how we engage with this online world... and depending on what people do there is a myriad of ways of using it! I guess you are right that's half the fun of it!


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