Thoughts, musings and reflections on Community, competition and L4G

If you have not been watching my weekly Video updates for Link4Growth on the website (don't worry I'm not offended - then you may not be aware that Link4Growth is getting quite exciting and growing very quickly with lots of new events, workshops and opportunities to participate in... (especially with Google+)

This week during discussions I have been asked what do I think about our competitors? to which I have replied, what competitors are you talking about? ... the response has been varied but has included Networking groups, independent events run by others, on-line groups and other organisations that bring people together. If we were still thinking about 'Ownership' & 'Control' and trying to organise things for our own gain, ego and pride (and possibly money) then it would be far easier to view these other events / people who are potentially diverting those who might come along to Link4Growth events as competitors... but of course this is very old school thinking... 

In the new world, we are all in this together... what we should be doing of course is looking for the quickest, most effective and lowest cost (where applicable) approaches to bringing about the changes we want to see... this means encouraging people to participate in community... it means getting people to take responsibility... it means getting people connected so that we can all help each other... we must learn that we are all are responsible for being the best we can be at whatever that is... but we must not forget that we are all interdependent and have a responsibility to be part of the process to rebuild our communities and also more longer term our country(s)...

Link4Growth is a name... it is a name given to a set of ideas, beliefs, principles and with a vision to bring us together to collectively provide us with a framework to bring about the changes we want to see... no one owns us, we are all free to participate in any way which suits us, and it is totally inclusive, because... as I was explaining to someone this week... you are already in the community... you live here, physically you are in this place (or another place, but at the very least some place)... so inclusion in Link4Growth is already a given (because Link4Growth includes everyone) ... the only question that remains is, how would you like to participate and how much of a part would you like to play in helping to forge the future?

So there is no competition, only collaboration... and how can we effectively all help each other 'better'! ... that is why Google+ is such an important platform, because it helps us do just that! ... it is also totally FREE, has all the tools we need, but most important of all, it speeds up communication, sharing of knowledge, experience and ideas, which leads to improving our capability to act... i.e. take action and get on with making things better for us all... 

It is a real mindset shift getting to the point that no one is any more important than any one else... that we all have a part to play and that we should use our skills, talents and experience to make our contribution, and that we should focus on being the best that we can in our chosen field... Link4Growth is committed to a totally devolved approach where each district and community within that is piloted by local passionate people... gone are the days of greed, ego, pride, control and manipulation... welcome to the new days of collaboration, contribution, participation and playing our part in creating the future we want. Shall we go do that?


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