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do we still need the labels of religion?

I do understand that religion is a topic that attracts a lot of emotion and I remember some words of wisdom from my father who told me once that when in the company of friends never talk about Politics or Religion. I would agree with him in many situations, however there are times when to effect change we must confront these issues. I meet a lot of people when out at various events, and often when I am relaying the underlying principles of Link4Growth it invariably stimulates a response from those who have religious beliefs. In only the last couple of weeks I have found myself having discussions identifying the many similarities between Link4Growth and their own religious views. The aspects of Link4Growth such as 'giving not taking', 'nurturing and supporting others', 'giving unreservedly without expecting return', 'focus on people and relationships not money', 'everyone is unique and important', 'everyone should be respected',

What is our Purpose? What is our Intent?

As with most weeks this year so far my diary has been incredibly busy, last week was no exception. But I have been spending a little more time that usual in contemplative thought especially around the areas of why certain things have happened... I do believe that everything happens for a reason, what we have to do is understand the 'why it happened'. Mostly our lives are so busy that we just don't get the space to take stock and think about these things and they are lost as new things appear which demand our attention. To understand the relevance of 'why things have happened' we have to be able to put them into perspective and appreciate the lesson... and if there is a lesson, it must be to teach us about something. Maybe our behaviour, thinking or even a project we're working on. The lesson has to be applied to something that we are trying to achieve, or a direction we are headed, otherwise there is no point in the lesson... But what direction are we head

Link4Growth Week 7 of my News Roundup!

The 7th week of my regular news updates now published... a lot of things going on this week and although rather longer than normal there is so many things happening that I just wanted to get it all out there... if you are already in Link4Growth I am sure you will watch and stay the course... for the rest of you already in Link4Growth but whom don't know it yet... then please enjoy! For more news and to find out about Link4Growth and how you can get involved with rebuilding our local communities, then please follow this link...

Rickmansworth Business Luncheon to go!

Today's Rickmansworth business luncheon was a bitter sweet affair for me... having been the steward of this event for a number of months now it was the day that I passed over the reigns to my friend and fellow   + Link4Growth  er  +Matthew Human  . Matthew is the District Leader for the  +Link4Growth SW Herts  area which encompasses Watford and the surrounding towns and it is under his leadership that we will see the rapid rebuilding of community in the area. But today was a lot more than me getting soppy about passing over a role to another, we were witnessing a phenomena which is beginning to become regular in the Link4Growth community. That of new people stepping up to take on responsibility for playing their part and contributing to the regeneration of our villages, towns and cities. Whilst I am sad to be in effect relinquishing a part of what I do, I understand this is a necessary step in the natural progression of things and I rejoice in the new challenges that lie ahead bo