Rickmansworth Business Luncheon to go!

Today's Rickmansworth business luncheon was a bitter sweet affair for me... having been the steward of this event for a number of months now it was the day that I passed over the reigns to my friend and fellow   +Link4Growth er +Matthew Human . Matthew is the District Leader for the +Link4Growth SW Herts area which encompasses Watford and the surrounding towns and it is under his leadership that we will see the rapid rebuilding of community in the area.

But today was a lot more than me getting soppy about passing over a role to another, we were witnessing a phenomena which is beginning to become regular in the Link4Growth community. That of new people stepping up to take on responsibility for playing their part and contributing to the regeneration of our villages, towns and cities. Whilst I am sad to be in effect relinquishing a part of what I do, I understand this is a necessary step in the natural progression of things and I rejoice in the new challenges that lie ahead both for Matthew as he grows into the role and for myself as I set about repeating the process in new districts right across the UK... I have now defined 68 districts and you can be assured that wherever you reside in the UK, you are in one of them... so... actually everyone is already in Link4Growth now it is just a question of how much you would like to participate!

This lunchtime though we played host to a guest of honour... the MP for Watford Richard Harrington joined us for lunch and shared some of his initiatives for bringing local businesses and the 3rd sector closer together.

"Often there is spare capacity in a business which could be offered to Charities which would be incredibly helpful... sometimes it is not just money but time, experience and a desire to make a contribution that is required"  explained Richard, "organisations like Link4Growth that are helping to connect people together and provide opportunities to meet up at little or no cost are vital to assist in what we are trying to do... ", he went on to add "if this works here it could be a blueprint that could be rolled out right across the country"... indeed Richard... that is exactly what we are doing with Link4Growth!

My thanks to everyone that attended today's event at the Scotsbridge Mill in Rickmansworth, to Richard for his valuable time, and for Matthew to whom the mantle now passes to ensure that this and the many other events in the local SW Herts District continue to build so that we revive the community spirit we somehow lost over the past 30 years!


  1. Great Progress Chris and Matthew well done.
    Great to see the sharing between all sectors of the business community.


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