What is our Purpose? What is our Intent?

As with most weeks this year so far my diary has been incredibly busy, last week was no exception. But I have been spending a little more time that usual in contemplative thought especially around the areas of why certain things have happened... I do believe that everything happens for a reason, what we have to do is understand the 'why it happened'. Mostly our lives are so busy that we just don't get the space to take stock and think about these things and they are lost as new things appear which demand our attention.

To understand the relevance of 'why things have happened' we have to be able to put them into perspective and appreciate the lesson... and if there is a lesson, it must be to teach us about something. Maybe our behaviour, thinking or even a project we're working on. The lesson has to be applied to something that we are trying to achieve, or a direction we are headed, otherwise there is no point in the lesson...

But what direction are we headed? We need to first have a purpose or there is no meaning to what we do. What is your purpose, what are you trying to achieve, where are you going? I know that there are times in my life when I have had to think, what am I doing, is this whole thing going in the direction I need it to go? ... then I begin to look at what I love doing, what is it that I really enjoy and how will that effect others around me? ... is this what I want? ... it is blank sheet of paper time... I have done this now three times in my life!

Without purpose we are stunted, it is a sad reflection on society today where we encourage people to believe a dream (somebody else's dream)... go to school, study hard, get a job, fit into the system... pay your taxes... be part of the 'managed society'. There is not much purpose here... at what point in our lives did someone say to us... take a white sheet of paper... if money was no object what would you be doing? What would you throw your heart and soul into, what is it that you would do day in day out, not care about the financial return, because this would not be work... Most of the time we have to sort this out for ourselves, and for many they never get to see this place at all...

But once we have worked it out... This could be the big one! ...What you were born to do... it might be what is right for you at this point in time, it might be a stepping stone, and there are 100 other things that need to be worked through before we get to the real deal, but that doesn't matter... life is a journey! ... Now what if you were paid to do this? Not paid exorbitant sums, but paid well for striving to reach this place, something that you perfect over time, that rewards you for your passion, commitment and dedication to whatever it is which defines you... in other words your purpose!

We are moving into a new era... Big business, Jobs... the things that we have 'accepted' are NOT going to be the norm... they are what we have been led to believe are the norm, by those with power and influence over our thinking. Why should any of us spend 5 days doing something that we do not really enjoy so that we can earn enough money to live at the weekend? Who invented that idea... and why did we follow it?

... we are all here for a purpose... and we need to find what that is, this surely is our biggest responsibility? There is something we were all born to achieve and we are all unique in order that we might carry out that task. Every single one of us is important... and no one person more than any other, we just have different roles to play... the huge disappointment for us is that we never discover our purpose, and we never fulfil our destiny... but an even bigger disappointment is that all those that would have benefited from us achieving our purpose will never see the results of it!

There will never be a better time to discover our purpose than now... start to make the change, start to live your life, or you will live the life others have in store for you! Become a person of purpose... become a person of INTENT!


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