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Six Pack in Six Months (#6P6M) - what was it all about?

As you might be aware in September (2012) I set a target to develop a six pack in six months... why? ... well I have never had one and I wanted to achieve this in my 50th year... I must admit I didn't really appreciate 'how hard' it would be but... having spawned the idea in my head, it wasn't going away... (that's not me by the way on the right... So what were the lessons learned during the 6 months? what did the journey reveal to me? The first challenge was getting myself excited about the project. I'm not a natural when it comes to working out, so for me to keep momentum on something like this I need to build up the interest level so that it does not fall away. How could I achieve that? Make it public... by deciding to post every step of the way onto the +Link4Growth  forum blog, I was sharing my journey with everyone else... it meant to me that I was no longer just letting myself down, but everyone else too... how could I, he who wields the words

Just how do we get an unemployed workforce back to work and engaged?

Last week I participated in an initiative to introduce the 50+ age group here in Watford to people who might be able to help them get back into work. There were representatives from different organisations around Watford there for the attendees to talk to, but what of the 50+ age group, what were they like, what were their expectations? Well as you can imagine there were people from all walks of life... there were some there that attended because they were kind of told to do so... others because they were unemployed but wanted to start something themselves, and others who had been employed for decades and just needed to get a 'job' to pay the bills etc. Here is an interesting observation though... when asking people about their experience you get one answer, when you ask them what would they love to do... you very often get another... what they are trying to do is work within the confines of the box that they have created for themselves... And herein lies the problem

Link4Growth helping people to get Google Plus!

I have to admit this week has been really hectic and I have felt a little bit detached at times from my normal online social connectivity. Last night however I spent a bit of time catching up with some of the things that had been going on... and whilst I hadn't been watching some amazing things had been happening... Now some of you reading this might be aware that +Link4Growth runs a variety of workshops all with the purpose of increasing people's ability to participate in their communities, become a detective online to connect with like minded folk and to generally operate things which much more 'Intent'. Many people on Social media platforms are there because people have said 'you must be on social media' and there is little or no thought about how each of the platforms should be used to help them engage with the kind of people that they might want to connect with... that doesn't mean just business by the way!! One of our workshops is "Google+ wit

My thoughts on the Thatcher Era

It is easy to look back in hindsight and look at the performance of anyone and see a myriad of ways that things could have been improved. The death of Margaret Thatcher has indeed provoked a sudden interest in politics (and the meaning of it) in a way which those with political power today have been unable to do... interesting that when there is someone with clear passion and purpose, whether you agree with them or not, it does create healthy debate, not the wishy washy acceptance of a rather indifferent, outmoded, collection of political puppets that we have today... So what of Margaret Thatcher's era? There is no doubt that you will read some very divided comments both tributes on the one side and hostile reports on the other. I think that Rachel Elnaugh's blog (link at the bottom of this post)  is one view, but there will be others about how, during this time, community was destroyed and that she broke a nation. There was no doubt I shared the view of many at this

What would you do if the unthinkable happened?

If we could have asked for a wake up call then we got it a few weeks back in Cyprus! The banks effectively took money from people's bank accounts without their approval and in return gave then some unwanted shares in the bank institutions. This contravenes the foundation building block of the capitalistic infrastructure... that we trust a bank to give back our money that we have given to them for safe keeping. So what if the banks went bust and the money we thought we had (a series of electronic transactions in computers around the world) suddenly disappeared? ... just take a few moments to think about this... perhaps you can get the money which was in your current account... but all your savings, pensions, investments... gone! What a leveller... in one instant moment in time, we are all pretty much the same, doesn't matter what possessions we have, how much money we had... that is all irrelevant now... what matters now is survival, and for that, you need people arou

Getting to grips with RAW and my new equipment!

Easter Weekend and it will NOT be full of chocolate and copious sugar (one of the blights on our modern day diet)... This weekend is a time of much experimentation! I will be putting 3 new recently acquired gadgets to work along with a myriad of new ingredients to create some rather healthy (and hopefully tasty) RAW food ensembles... The gadgets I have acquired after giving RAW food 'a bit of a go' back in the month of July last year... a whole month with nothing but raw food having never even gone to so much as a whole day prior to this... well it was a challenge... carbohydrate (or rather the lack of it) was an issue for stamina during Table Tennis practice, but apart from that I lost 21 Lbs in weight and felt a lot fresher... so I was always intending to get back to the RAW thing, just it was a question of timing! ... and so here we are, the end of my #6P6M challenge, the winter over... and... me looking to get back into the RAW experience... I am no stranger to