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How can we reverse the trend of Obesity?

I am no expert in Health and Fitness nor on Nutrition, but from leaving home and not knowing how to cook an egg to where I am now has been a great journey. There is something quite magical about combining a load of ingredients together and then sitting down to enjoy the fruits of your labours... I am hooked! ... and for those that know me, you know I am now fairly passionate about eating healthily, after all... as my father once said... " without your health you have nothing... ". It is however difficult as a young person with all your life ahead of you to really worry too much about what you eat, you're young, eat and drink what you want... plenty of time for being serious about all that later isn't there? ... but old habits die hard and best to at least find out about your body and how to get the best from it early on, then you can enjoy life to the max... this is why I am so proud of  +Otis Ogle  (my son) who has gone from knowing virtually nothing to having s