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L4GYouth... isn't it about time we made repair?

This week I was given an opportunity to 'think', an activity I pursue with vigour every single day, but this week was different... I had space doing something unusually different and therefore a unique oasis of time was afforded me ( check my previous blog for details ). An idea has been developing within the concept of  +Link4Growth  for sometime now, but I believe things happen when they are supposed too... and for this particular project the time is now... As a member of the Baby Boomers (agreed at the latter end of it) we have constantly strived for more, more of everything. This has been money, possessions, material wealth and more often than not to the detriment of family, relationships, community and our happiness. It is no wonder that the next generation who have grown up watching this and who are now young adults are saying, actually that is not what we want. We have seen our parents flog themselves to death for 'objects', better houses, better ca

I had no idea what I was going to... but I went anyway!

G23 Some people in the past have labelled me a WooWoo in denial... others... in touch with my feminine side... I'm not really that sure what these terms mean and it could have all gone horribly wrong but fortunately I retain a very open mind... and so it was with intrigue and interest that I accepted an invitation from good friend  +Kate Griffiths  to attend a new inaugural 2 day residential workshop in Somerset. The title for the workshop was 'unknown' and the content all very vague, but I'm an inquisitive sort and as Kate was working with a colleague the renowned Kath Roberts @alchemy4thesoul (of whom I had heard good things) I considered that this might represent an opportunity to create a short Oasis in what has become a hectic schedule of all schedules! At dinner in the evening some had confessed to being seduced to attend by the venue and the cuisine on offer... I hadn't even checked out the venue, it was purely on trust and I guess some measure of