I had no idea what I was going to... but I went anyway!

Some people in the past have labelled me a WooWoo in denial... others... in touch with my feminine side... I'm not really that sure what these terms mean and it could have all gone horribly wrong but fortunately I retain a very open mind... and so it was with intrigue and interest that I accepted an invitation from good friend +Kate Griffiths to attend a new inaugural 2 day residential workshop in Somerset. The title for the workshop was 'unknown' and the content all very vague, but I'm an inquisitive sort and as Kate was working with a colleague the renowned Kath Roberts @alchemy4thesoul (of whom I had heard good things) I considered that this might represent an opportunity to create a short Oasis in what has become a hectic schedule of all schedules!

At dinner in the evening some had confessed to being seduced to attend by the venue and the cuisine on offer... I hadn't even checked out the venue, it was purely on trust and I guess some measure of intuition that I just said 'go for it'... and I was then one of the six (3 women and 3 men) who made the sojourn to Langford... a quite sublime place in a small village of FiveHead... check out their website right here The Langford.

It turns out I was not alone in really having little idea about the format and content of the two days as everyone kind of 'owned up' to not really knowing why they were there, but that something drew them...

I do believe everything happens for a reason and it was no coincidence that those who attended were supposed to be there. Apart from the many discoveries we all made during the two days, I am sure as our stories unfold and we conker our challenges (this is not a spelling mistake), on many occasions our minds will be carried back to Langford as perhaps the source for things we are yet to comprehend... as it is with universe... what happens, happens and couldn't have happened any other way... our task is to learn why it happened and learn its meaning...

As I have already mentioned for me this was an Oasis... a moment of relaxation... a chance to explore some new ideas, a precious few hours where I could take some time out, be in a different space and look at things from a different perspective... perhaps even discover something about me and my spiritual evolvement.

It is amazing when you put yourself into a space where you are removed from what you do on a day to day basis and can look at what you do? why you do it? what is important? your values? your principles and why you are on the path you are? This is a workshop about trying to comprehend the inevitability of the new paradigm of doing business and how we can attune ourselves to it. What we had in the 20th century? ... Old school, male created, male dominated, competition, scarcity thinking, money, ego, control, greed, corruption and manipulation... and what we are moving towards? ... Nurturing and Supportive (Feminine), giving not taking, everyone is important, everyone has a purpose, sustainability, focus on people and relationships (not money), collaboration and winavation.

The bad news folks is that there are many won't make the transition... their time has passed... but for those that 'get it' and see where we are headed, there is nothing but positivity and good news ahead. The young amongst us already get collaboration and sharing in their hearts... they just need some new role models to mix up with their life force and enthusiasm. To the older generations the young appear different... that's because they are the future folks, they get much of this stuff instinctively and sense we are off course... just like our parents didn't get us... time to get young again?

Some moments of inspired thought? ... I want to make my own tomato ketchup... I was thinking about this last week as my #L4GLocal campaign means I no longer use supermarkets... but I can buy all the raw ingredients to make tomato ketchup... watch out for Ogle brand ketchup on a farmers market near you soon!

... and on a more practical level, what about me... what did I learn about me? ... well... that I am on the path of authenticity... that my values, principles and ethics are in line with what I am doing... this probably accounts for my passion and enthusiasm...

I must be the luckiest person alive, and often I am reminded of this when I see others in disarray... I have a roof over my head... food on the table, a glass or red wine or beer when I want it... an amazing group of people around me who inspire me to be the best I can be each day... and...

I am doing what I love doing... I am out talking to people... connecting them, hopefully inspiring them through story telling and sharing knowledge to follow their dreams and passions... providing them with a support platform where they can be nurtured, learn, and discover their calling... not of course on my own there are some amazing people in #Link4Growth who constantly humble me day in day out with their unreserved generosity...

I guess I am some way down the road of understanding my path, my role and the purpose for my being (although the more I learn the more I discover there is yet to learn), but for many this is path yet to be trodden. Sometimes the simplest of things can light the touch paper and ignite a destiny... the shackles have been removed from Chris Ogle... the card to the left I picked from a deck of cards... I could have picked any card... I almost picked a different card, but it was the card to the left that I chose...

So in conclusion where did we get to? Throughout the two days there were many exercises, chances to explore ourselves and each other, question what are our values? What inspires us? What are our innate talents and expertise... and ultimately it is only when we can discover those things which inspire us to be the best we can be, where we can use the talents with which we are blessed and uphold the values which we hold dear that we can really be in our flame... it is in this space where we can best serve others and really fulfill the purpose for which we were born... fortunately through 10 years of toil and challenging times it was 2011 when my purpose was revealed... and with all my passion, enthusiasm and energy I now go about my purpose... which is as far removed from work as you can imagine!

Some powerful words on the picture the the left... which is where we ended up! ... if you are not passionate about what you do... please get in touch... you might just find this workshop useful!


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