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The 7 P's of doing business in the 21st century

Recently I attended a workshop down in the West Country which has been the subject of a different Blog Post , and even more recent than that +Kate Griffiths  has been developing a workshop for the 'Open Source' Link4Skills initiative in Link4Growth which was delivered for the first time at the beginning of November and has been the catalyst for this blog. The old (and tired) marketing P's were Product , Price , Place and Promotion and this has been taught around the world in various guises for eons. It is however, also, all about competition which stimulates scarcity thinking, focusses more acutely on money and the idea that if you throw enough marketing out there, some will stick and product will sell... Whereas in some case the above still holds water, we are on the journey to a new era of doing business, fuelled for the most part by the Internet which is revolutionising the very fabric of how we live and work. The 7 P's of doing business are as follows...