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Can't tell you how it will end... but I can tell you how it will begin!

In 2013 there has been a lot of 'talk'... talk of the need to change, talk of the corruption and lack of honesty, integrity and morals in the leadership of our country. This has been brought to the attention of many for the first time by the now infamous video of  +Russell Brand  explaining to Jeremy Paxman the fact that the existing systems that we have do not serve the people. Citing sustainability of our planet and the huge disparity between the fortunes of the 1% and the 99% as just two of the issues at stake. There are excellent people out there, visionaries such as  +Seth Godin  sharing great wisdom about how we are all unique and we should discover our passions... and people closer to home who are leading the voice for the small business such as  +Tony Robinson OBE  and  +Tina Boden  of Enterprise Rockers who are doing a huge amount to raise the profile of the millions of hard working self employed and small businesses who are the foundation on which this country&#