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Blog - Are 'Normal' People Disabled?

What is Normal? ... it's a good question, I guess it means people that fit within a certain set of criteria determined by standard deviation of the mean techniques! But what a rather crude method of evaluating people? and what is the purpose of evaluating anyway? ... and who be the judge? The actual question of the title though is not what you might at first think, it is more a question of, are Normal people more likely to be not enabled? ... In order to get under the covers of this question we have to first look at some pretty amazing and inspiring people. You have to look no further than in sport and the paralympics to see people who rise above all the odds to do the most amazing things. You could also be inspired by the Australian Nick Vujicic and whether you believe in god or not is irrelevant, Nick's purpose was revealed to him... Now... his purpose was revealed to him ... here is the crux of the message here... through a severely limited set of capabilities Nick w