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What are we talking about at Link4Growth events?

This blog site has been created as a platform to show the kinds of conversations and topics that are discussed at Link4Growth events. #Link4Growth is not a business networking organisation, it is a community building organisation. So what’s the difference? Link4Growth brings people together so that we can meet, talk, listen, learn and connect. It is a place where people people share ideas, knowledge, enthusiasm, experience and their expertise. Today in Hemel Hempstead at the coffee event, I likened the malaise which has befallen our country like a brain with a severe stroke. The synapses and communication links between key parts of our communities broken or weakened to such an extent that our efforts to function are hampered and achievements badly curtailed. But all is not lost… these communication channels can be rekindled and awakened, all it needs is conversations and once we begin to do this the juice really does start to flow again. Suddenly with new connections, new op