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Just how do you go about rebuilding a nation?

I often find myself saying the same things at Link4Growth events to different people and when I notice that this is happening I often put 'pen to paper' so to speak and write a blog post. This means I can send a link to the post to convey the message, and it often ends up in it being forwarded to others and shared around. This subject is one which often comes up in conversation... there is no doubt that the country is in a bit of a pickle... a housing market out of control once more... £1.47 trillion in personal debt... and 1 million of our young people educated and trained for a workplace that no longer exists... didn't we do well? In fact we are in a worse position than in 2007 and we all know what happened then. So how do we rebuild a nation? Well it starts with accepting that the responsibility for this huge task does not rest with the government, nor does it rest with big businesses to create more jobs... nope the only people who can create a different future i

It is time for our Young people to shine and lead the way!

Throughout the course of the past two weeks I have been actively involved with +Alex Murray  and the #L4GYouth project and this has resulted in conversations and observations regarding the young people in our society today... I have come to the conclusion that we have not only let them down enormously but that we owe them a huge apology too... The next generation folks is all we have... and yet what we have served up as a future for them is not very appealing... If they can afford a car then they can't afford to insure it No prospect of a home they can call their own (rented or owned) Poor work opportunities (1 million young people unemployed) Educated as robots for a world that no longer exists A country which is insolvent and riddled with £1.47 Trillion in personal debt alone, which stagnates the population and limits options for change Stolen their creativity and problem solving skills through a prescriptive and box ticking education A world that began leeching mon