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is "Time Tithing" a new way for us to make our contribution?

Tithing is an ancient tradition that is still practised today. Tithe or one tenth is now more commonly associated with religion and is paid with cash as a contribution or donation. In earlier times it might have been paid in kind with produce from agricultural endeavours. The concept of tithing (giving money) can be found throughout the world. Tithing in the UK was widespread and related to the church in a time when the church had far larger congregations than it does today. The church handled much more of the education, welfare and even some aspects of health as well as spirituality. Today the church covers a much narrower spectrum and attendance at church is pretty low somewhere in the region of 2 or 3 percent, maybe even lower than that. Why this is the case is not the subject of this blog post, but clearly financial tithing linked to the church no longer appeals to the majority. To give freely and willingly to others who are in need is a good thing, I believe most people woul