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Capitalism is leaving many of us for dead...

Recently I made a good decision, not only one, but one in particular which was to attend a 6 week programme called 'Thrive' run by +Tania Clarke . The Thrive programme written by Rob Kelly enables people to regain their power by focussing on the 3 underlying causes which result in almost all the symptoms of unhelpful thinking styles which exist in society today. Having discussed this at various Link4Growth events and pondered this with regard to the past 30-40 years of capitalistic and social engineering; the result... Some disturbing thoughts about how capitalism is responsible for creating a weakened and highly controllable population... The 3 underlying causes of why we are powerless as identified by Rob Kelly are low Self Esteem, External Locus of control and Social Anxiety. Capitalism sets us up for failure in the 'majority of cases' and leaves us at the mercy of those who are self serving and ruthless i.e. those who go out to win at all costs, regardless of th

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve... How's your belief doing?

Just recently I've been attending a weekly (6 in total) group workshop based on the #Thrive programme by Rob Kelly. +Tania Clarke  is leading this innovative approach delivering in groups and it has been a fascinating journey. We have just done week 5, so one to go. This post is not about the thrive programme but about one element of it; belief systems. Belief systems are those things that we hold to be true... and we spend quite a lot of energy protecting these belief systems and actually making sure they are water tight. Confirmation bias is looking for things that happen in our lives to confirm what we believe... And therefore re-affirm the belief which in turn makes it a stronger belief. The real problem of course is that many of our beliefs are actually not true. In fact many of our beliefs are actually holding us back from what we could really achieve. So... A parent evaluating two children might deem that the more social child, who enjoys conversation and connection