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What if we knew you?

The 5 simple words above give rise to an avalanche of thoughts that I believe can deliver us to a fairer more equal world... How so then? I have been told on many occasions in the past that humans are social creatures. For me this is true. I like the company of others, I enjoy speaking with others and the richness that it brings in many ways. I believe that others also enjoy this activity, but that for many reasons there are barriers in society today whether real or not (bearing in mind if you believe they are real then they are real) that get in the way of simply talking to others around us. This is not to say that I am uncomfortable with my own company as I am not. I think we ought to love our own company, spend time with ourselves too. Maybe the subject of another post... So... many of us could do with knowing more people. The most obvious examples of this are when we have something to say or tell people. We know this 'thing' we want to say, if only it reached the ea

Google Glasses? ... another view...

A post last week in the Guardian regarding #Google #Glass was brought to my attention by +Diane Richardson  . The post in the Guardian which can be read here …    discussed the relative pros and cons of the £1000 gadget and concluded… expensive curiosity but the real price is in terms of social consequences… i.e. users of #Glass are considered a bit of an unwelcome technical nerd, people who are just desperate to sport the latest available gadgetry. Whereas there may well be uses for #Glass overall the report summarised that other less intrusive wearable technology such as watches would be more ‘socially acceptable’ and with a much lower price ticket; be the more sought after items. I have been the owner of #Google #Glass since mid September 2014, so approaching 12 weeks now and my experience with #Glass is somewhat different from that indicated by the Guardian article. But to understand why that is perhaps we need to look at the rationale behind acquiring glass in the first place