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#EC2015 - Did we get what we voted for?

Well the Election of 2015 is now over and we have had the weekend to ponder the result and perhaps put into context what actually happened last Thursday when we went to the Polls. 66% voted who were eligible. Not a poor turnout but not a great one either. So what happened and where do we go from here? This was billed as the closest election for decades but the early exit polls suggested that a different story was about to unfold. Progressing through the night as the results came in it seemed that even they had been a tad conservative (excuse the pun). The Conservatives romped past the finish post with 331 seats. The biggest losers were the LibDems and Labour at the expense of the SNP in the main and Conservative gains. What is the analysis though? More calls for proportional representation although in truth this wouldn’t have affected the outcome by a huge amount. Looking at the results in the cold light of day I think they can be seen as a vote by people for change but that the

You have to be competitive and ruthless to succeed... Not any more!

I have delayed writing this blog post for no particular reason it just hasn't happened sooner, although I intended to have it written weeks ago. This is the second of a two part Blog post looking at how capitalism; more of everything, focus on money, scarcity, competition and growth at all costs has served to disempower and enslave the vast majority of us. The previous blog ( which can be found here ) shares how capitalism negatively feeds our social anxiety, external locus of control and self esteem, leaving us apathetic and accepting of 'our lot', in a state of 'well this is how it is'... This post is about how those underlying factors of self esteem, external locus of control and social anxiety can be improved exponentially in an upward spiral if we focus on taking responsibility, people and relationships, and helping each other (giving without expecting return). This is the bringing together of 3 important components; Link4Growth as a platform for rebuilding