You have to be competitive and ruthless to succeed... Not any more!

I have delayed writing this blog post for no particular reason it just hasn't happened sooner, although I intended to have it written weeks ago. This is the second of a two part Blog post looking at how capitalism; more of everything, focus on money, scarcity, competition and growth at all costs has served to disempower and enslave the vast majority of us. The previous blog (which can be found here) shares how capitalism negatively feeds our social anxiety, external locus of control and self esteem, leaving us apathetic and accepting of 'our lot', in a state of 'well this is how it is'...

This post is about how those underlying factors of self esteem, external locus of control and social anxiety can be improved exponentially in an upward spiral if we focus on taking responsibility, people and relationships, and helping each other (giving without expecting return). This is the bringing together of 3 important components; Link4Growth as a platform for rebuilding community, thrive (the Thrive programme as written by Rob Kelly) to empower people to make the changes in their lives... and sustainability, recognising that this blue planet is the only home we have ever known and so we should take much better care of it.

The other day +Neal Emery posted a video which was about how come bad guys always come first... The video is below,please watch. 

It actually concludes after computer simulations that actually good guys in the end will come out on top, but perhaps not initially. This brings me back to a conversation that I remember from my early days in business when I asked my then boss (now business partner) was it possible to be successful in business and nice. To which he replied, yes, but it takes much longer. I have always believed that fairness is the key to business. Think long term, don't be greedy, and that we can all have enough.

How can then a new much fairer society be created through Link4Growth, community building, the thrive programme and living in harmony with the planet and those around us? In order to rebuild community we must re-establish the broken connections that have been created through a focus on competitiveness and money. When we move towards collaboration, co-operation, and an abundance mentality we can begin to see that if we all work together and look out for each other we can build happier more meaningful lives. How so?

Humans are social animals. We come together and we each bring our talents. As part of a community, we receive some very important benefits. We are accepted. We are respected. We want to and are able to make a contribution. We are therefore valued. We have high self esteem. Our role is one we chose and we work towards excellence, we know what is expected from us and we're trusted to give our best.

By bringing people together to have conversations, to tell our stories, get to know each other and connect people we are rebuilding community. Through participation and by making a contribution we become a valuable member of the community. Self esteem is raised. An increase in self worth and belief in ourselves empowers us and we require much less external validation to confirm our value. When empowered from within we no longer suffer from social anxiety or external pressure to do things we don't wish to do. We may still do these things but we choose to do them rather than submit to pressure.

The thrive programme helps people to understand how their mind work and why they think the way they do. This is often based on an underlying set of beliefs which have never been questioned, but are  in fact untrue, and a whole collection of thinking styles which are unhelpful as well. Recognition of unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that are untrue is half the battle, switching the thinking to more useful thoughts the other half.

Link4Growth is the platform to get people together and start the process of rebuilding community. This is an ideal environment to enable people to thrive and ultimately enjoy happier lives. The thrive programme teaches people that they can create their future through thoughts and removes the shackles of conditioning and false beliefs.

Empowering people to take control of their lives and rebuilding communities in which everyone can thrive seems like something worth supporting to me.


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