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7 teachers... what about yours?

 This week has been one of reflection. I finally (after many years of searching) caught up with someone who had a huge influence over me in my late teens. Perhaps only now when the student is ready to learn have I been allowed to enter this persons life once more. The reason for the reflection is that my success has been met with great sadness too, as this wonderful lady passed away much too early in 2010. The family remains and it is with those that the memory will live on, more on this later... What this week has done though is make me take a look back at some of the key people in my life who have had a major influence over how I think. Not that they themselves taught me the lessons necessarily with words, but only through understanding the interactions with these people have I gained a deeper insight into who I am, the direction in which I should travel, and what I call my purpose for having been born. Of course as with most of us my early years were influenced by my parents