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An Image or a piece of art or... both perhaps

A picture or a piece of art can tell a thousand words. Actually in this particular case a whole series of stories that join together… so where to start? This image is the result of a series of coincidences; or were they? The start it all began with a simple suggestion from a good friend +jean flower   that I talk to a person she had met +Tania Clarke . I don’t know what prompted that suggestion but possibly about belief systems or internal locus of control. However the connection was made. I met Tania and there was a whole ton of synergy. The raffle I attended a quiz where one of the choices was an hours consultation with Tania. I thought an ideal opportunity to find out more about what Tania did. If I was going to be able to recommend what Tania did, then I ought to at least know how it worked. The consultation A really interesting session. 30 questions no wrongs no rights… just a score of 5? … that means something but I’ll not go into that here… so… I was intrigued.