An Image or a piece of art or... both perhaps

A picture or a piece of art can tell a thousand words. Actually in this particular case a whole series of stories that join together… so where to start?

This image is the result of a series of coincidences; or were they?

The start

it all began with a simple suggestion from a good friend +jean flower  that I talk to a person she had met +Tania Clarke. I don’t know what prompted that suggestion but possibly about belief systems or internal locus of control. However the connection was made. I met Tania and there was a whole ton of synergy.

The raffle

I attended a quiz where one of the choices was an hours consultation with Tania. I thought an ideal opportunity to find out more about what Tania did. If I was going to be able to recommend what Tania did, then I ought to at least know how it worked.

The consultation

A really interesting session. 30 questions no wrongs no rights… just a score of 5? … that means something but I’ll not go into that here… so… I was intrigued.

The offer

So the next step in this story Tania was trialing group sessions for the Thrive Programme and invited me to participate. I knew that going through the programme would enable me to more accurately signpost people to Tania, so I decided to go for it.

The Thrive Programme

Little did I know how important this programme would be for not only myself (yes I got loads out of this programme) but how much clarity it would give me for seeing where other people’s challenges lay. This has been unbelievably helpful in how I choose to react in my relationships and dealings with others. Please note the word ‘choose’... and the use of the word ‘I’... this is always about how you take responsibility.

A takeaway

During the Thrive programme Tania gave each of us a glass cube and a purple lozenge (a bit like a jelly baby). I am not quite sure how they were introduced but for me… the glass cube represented a road block or unhelpful thought, the purple jelly baby? A different thought process; a positive, alternative, helpful thought. These two small stones sit on my desk as reminders although the good habits are already formed… I now have another use for one of them?

A different discussion

So I was in the Reason Coffee and Book shop in the parade talking to proprietor +Neal Emery about sustainability. We were reflecting that actually this planet has served the human species for its entire history. Everything that has happened to us has taken place on this blue planet floating through space. And yet we are polluting and destroying it in the name of money and profit. We need to take responsibility at EVERY level. We need to care, we need to start thinking about our contribution to looking after the planet and the decisions we are taking being harmonious and thoughtful to the well being of this planet. This is a shift from will I make money? to... is this the least wasteful, most environmentally friendly and optimum way of solving this problem. If the answer is yes then it is the right thing to do, and, people will support it thereby generating income too.

… and finally the picture, piece of art

So we put the glass cube and a glass marble with the representation of our planet together, what does this represent?

For me… the cube represents the need to think differently, out of the box (cube). To have clarity about our purpose here, what is important. To create new solutions to the challenges we have, come up with new ideas, more helpful concepts that enable us to solve the sustainability issues we have been responsible for. Even if you personally do not believe that climate change is man made it is both helpful and desirable to work with nature rather than against it. What’s the point in polluting when we can find more sustainable and less destructive solutions.

And so together with the globe… our blue planet. Let’s dare to think differently. Here encapsulated in this single image is the guiding light to our future… let’s put our planet on a pedestal… let’s put our planet at the forefront of our priorities and decision making. This planet for the foreseeable future is our only home, without it we are lost, let’s adapt our thinking and enable all life on this planet to thrive.



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