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New Years thoughts...

At New Year we tend to focus much more on the time than at most other periods of the year. As the clock inexorably inches its way towards midnight we experience the relentless passage of time with a heightened level of sensitivity. Now is all we have as the old year slips away. The final hours of the old year where we try to cram in as much enjoyment, eating, drinking and having fun before the inevitability of the new year arrives. Now is indeed all we have of the old year, and aren't we suddenly acutely aware of it... and how fast those final hours pass. It seems to me only a matter of minutes since the last year arrived and yet here we are again saying goodbye to the new one and hello to the next. So much has happened in the last year it seems like 2 years since Feb 2015 and yet at the same time it has passed in a blink of an eye. To scribe all the highlights of 2015 would take a book to be honest but some of my biggest lessons have been learnt is this past year. Lea