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Being grateful... and being proud...

I am incredibly privileged these days... I am surrounded by people doing amazing things... they are doing these things because they believe in what they are doing... and in achieving these things they are helping Link4Growth but they are also growing personally too... Today another milestone... +L4G TV  launched a brand new show on Health & Wellness; part of the L4GHealth channel. Co-hosts  +Carol Wildgoose  and  +Emma Jaynes  were joined by  +Tania Clarke . I am so proud, grateful and humbled to count these ladies amongst my friends, not only amazingly knowledgeable and experienced, but also prepared to face their fears and do it anyway. 12 months ago the very thought of hosting a TV show and sharing their collective wisdom on health would have been unimaginable and yet today they did just that. I like to believe that +Link4Growth  provides that nurturing and supportive platform which enables people to develop and become all they would like to be. Take a look... these sho

Business is changing... Business Networking is evolving too...

It is some time since I have posted here and I must get back into it as there is so much to share in these times of change. What has prompted me to post this week is reflecting on a couple of events that have taken place this week and what they might mean. The first is about a local business and how that enterprise has become an important component in the local community and the second is thoughts on a business networking group I attend and why people actually go along. Both of course are indicators about the 'mood' of doing business and perhaps how things are changing as we edge further into the 21st century. First up the  +The Kitchen Croxley  and the proprietor  +linda anderson . A locally based bakery and coffee shop just outside #Watford in the small village of Croxley. Linda has been running her business for a few years but took the step to take on premises just over a year ago. Linda had the vision that the shop was to become a local hub of community a bit like a