Being grateful... and being proud...

I am incredibly privileged these days... I am surrounded by people doing amazing things... they are doing these things because they believe in what they are doing... and in achieving these things they are helping Link4Growth but they are also growing personally too...

Today another milestone... +L4G TV launched a brand new show on Health & Wellness; part of the L4GHealth channel. Co-hosts +Carol Wildgoose and +Emma Jaynes were joined by +Tania Clarke.

I am so proud, grateful and humbled to count these ladies amongst my friends, not only amazingly knowledgeable and experienced, but also prepared to face their fears and do it anyway. 12 months ago the very thought of hosting a TV show and sharing their collective wisdom on health would have been unimaginable and yet today they did just that. I like to believe that +Link4Growth provides that nurturing and supportive platform which enables people to develop and become all they would like to be.

Take a look... these shows are not the BBC world service... but what they are, is an opportunity for us the people, to share what we know, with no bias, and no alternative agenda. is a platform within the Link4Growth framework giving people and communities an almost zero cost opportunity to broadcast locally, nationally and internationally. Community TV is here to stay... now it is up to us how big it becomes!


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