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A day to remember... Thursday 24th March

This was the first time I had driven all the way to Glasgow (and beyond). This for the launch of  +Link4Growth  in #Scotland. Although hugely exciting it was also with a tinge of sadness as  +Link4Business  was launching on the same evening in my home town of #Watford. I couldn't be at both and with huge support already in place for  +Jean Flower  in Watford I took the long road north. I left a good 9 hours for the journey and needed almost all of them as faced a closed section of the A74(M) due to a lorry fire and then a slow trawl through Glasgow as I hit the rush hour due to the delay. There are a lot of roads in Glasgow... and most of them were full with vehicles... my years of London driving experience served me well as I navigated my way through what seemed like a 4 mile spaghetti junction. The SatNav served me well until I realised I was in a farm courtyard on School Lane... I had noticed a rather grand building on the right (not left Mr. SatNav) some moments earlier a