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What were Sundays really for?

I remember when growing up that Sundays were a different day. We didn't go to church I'm not from a religious background. A lot happened on Sundays though, gardening, housework, cleaning cars and bikes, visiting grandparents for Sunday tea or dinner, dressed up in our 'Sunday best'. There was the top 40 on radio 1. There weren't any shops open either, Sunday was considered a day of 'rest' hard to believe looking at the list above, but the meaning was... not working, not doing what we did for the other 5 or 6 days of the week. Historically Sunday, Saturday or even parts of Friday have been reserved for religious purposes. A day when we take time out, the sabbath as I remember it being called. A day when no 'work' was to be done. Although 'work' appeared a very loose term to me as a kid. I seemed to get roped into a lot more 'work' on Sundays than any other day! The church and other institutions have been historically opposed to t

Why did I decide to stop drinking alcohol?

I have been going for periods of abstinence for many years now. Sometimes 60 days other times over 100 and on every occasion I have noticed something. My thinking abilities are heightened by as much as 30% (conservative estimate) 2 weeks after I have stopped. Let me just start off by making something clear I am not addicted to alcohol in the way people normally mean dependency, but I do love the taste of beer and wine and those who know me will vouch that I like a good evening out that includes no shortage of drink. I suppose I had developed a bit of a love hate relationship with alcohol over the past 7 years, loved the taste but hated the effects of getting a bit too merry, the day after fog, and also the more sinister, slow, reduction in my thinking abilities. Alcohol is a depressant and although I would be hard pressed to find anyone that would consider me other than positive I can tell the difference between when on and off drinking. So I have decided to knock it on the head.