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Did you vote in your local elections today (5th May 2016) ??

I did... an I'll tell you why a bit later in this post. But if you were like me, you were looking at a long list of Councillor hopefuls, none, if any, whom I had heard of, let alone seen or met. The choice can quickly become one of, which national party do I like the look of most, or who is looking least in trouble with the press, or not involved in the next potential scandal. Local council elections are though, much more about what's happening locally, and to be honest I have been surprised by the apathy within the councillors themselves... I haven't seen a soul out there doing any work, and not a leaflet has dropped into my pigeon hole either... Voting like a few other things is a very emotive subject. There are those that wheel out the fact that people died to obtain the vote, so you must respect those people go and make your presence felt otherwise what did they die for? I in no way want to denigrate that colossal achievement which has resulted in the current flavou