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Final reflections on the EU referendum

So today is the day! People go to the polls with high expectations of what might happen over the coming days and weeks. Many believe that today they will have the chance to put an 'X' in the leave box and that if there is a stampede of people with similar thinking we will exit the EU. Those making their mark in the remain box will feel vindicated that all their name calling 'useful idiots' etc. will have been worthwhile. What has transpired sadly is that friends have almost come to blows over a difference of opinion on this. Relationships have been thrown into turmoil as irreconcilable differences have emerged between people over this EU debate. Old wounds on racism and undercurrents of non 'Politically correct' thinking have been brought to the surface. Some will argue that this has been hugely damaging and others would suggest, well at least we're seeing who people really are and what they stand for... long missing in politics since the days of people

Are you an In-ee or an Out-ee?

And so we have yet more division... Once more people we are deceived and locked into a bitter battle about who is right and who is wrong... Watch out folks we are being weakened and divided once more... And we bought it again. Aspersions and judgements ... Friends becoming enemies over a vote on which 1/2 of the 1% benefits most on this Europe thing... Almost every comment on both sides of the fence can be ripped apart by the other... In reality come the 24th June nothing will have changed... A whole ton of rich folk will benefit and a whole lot of other rich folk will be disappointed... Europe won't be the same whichever vote is victorious, and heads in high places will roll... But for you and I and millions like us little will change the day after, or the next day... The bottom line is that we have to change ... Inequality is rife, racism is rife, abuse of our global resources is rife, fractional banking system is corrupt, governments are corrupt democracy is wantin