Are you an In-ee or an Out-ee?

And so we have yet more division...

Once more people we are deceived and locked into a bitter battle about who is right and who is wrong... Watch out folks we are being weakened and divided once more... And we bought it again.

Aspersions and judgements... Friends becoming enemies over a vote on which 1/2 of the 1% benefits most on this Europe thing... Almost every comment on both sides of the fence can be ripped apart by the other... In reality come the 24th June nothing will have changed... A whole ton of rich folk will benefit and a whole lot of other rich folk will be disappointed... Europe won't be the same whichever vote is victorious, and heads in high places will roll... But for you and I and millions like us little will change the day after, or the next day...

The bottom line is that we have to change... Inequality is rife, racism is rife, abuse of our global resources is rife, fractional banking system is corrupt, governments are corrupt democracy is wanting, some are eating themselves to death whilst others starve and, we are desecrating our only known home.

The systems we have are broken and the transition to new ones will be difficult... The world must become more open and consequently the private club of the EU irrespective of this vote has probably run it's course... Whether it survives another 2 or 10 years in the big scheme of things it's just a question of time.

We need a new set of systems... A replacement, because the appetite for change amongst those running these systems is non existent and... the systems are designed to protect themselves and are notoriously slow and tedious to change... We haven't got the time quite frankly...

So we can get together and build something better make this corrupt broken system obsolete and put something in place fit for the 21st century and beyond... Is it possible? Of course... Put enough brains together with no other agenda except to solve human problems, work with the planet and a whole stack of enthusiasm and intent, yup, Imminently feasible... Is it necessary? with such global inequality and waste of resources what do you think? Blatantly necessary ... But would it be kind? ... Any transition is going to be tough, but if we support and nurture each other, give without expecting return, of course... There isn't enough kindness in the world... But what if there was? Isn't that something worth striving for?

I've stopped dividing and separating, comparing and competing, manipulating and controlling... I believe if we collaborate, develop people and relationships, put ego behind us, stop wanting to be right (and greedy) and be kind to each other we can have abundance for all and create a future we're proud of.... Now that I'll happily vote for!


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