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Brexit may actually lead us to the right path... in a different way!

Link4Growth is not political (nor religious) and its great strength is that it is first and foremost a platform for discussion that brings people together in a spirit of collaboration and mutual co-operation. In this supportive environment we can meet, talk, listen, learn, connect, share and inspire, first seeking to understand before seeking to be understood. Actually, more or le ss, we all want the same thing deep down, to lead a happy life, it's just that there are differences in how we each believe the solution could be arrived at. There is richness in conversation. There is delight in discussing ideas and fleshing out solutions to real problems that we see every day. We just need to do more of it, and then... feel empowered to 'take action' and make things happen. What the Brexit vote has done has created a polarisation and a deep divide. Both camps believe they are right and that the others course of action will lead to a worsening of the situation. The reali

70% is the new 80%... you're good enough... believe!

For most of my life... for as long as I can remember I have been told about the 80-20 rule. This has often been accompanied by the 3% rule. These are classic examples of ideas, of truth's that we hold dear and seek out evidence to confirm are factual. Confirmation bias is the technical term for it. I believe that in relation to many things in our lives these kinds of ideas create constructs and boxes that disempower us to accept or acquiesce to things that could otherwise have been changed. We decided not to challenge them however, and bowed down to the 'greater' knowledge of those who must've known what they were talking about. Why? ... because it is inherently easier to accept someone else's work to be true than to do your own maybe? ... anyway that's not the subject of this post, this is about the 70-30 rule ... or approximations thereof. The reason the 70-30 idea came about was in relation to projects. Those that know me also know that I get excited ab

Ideas and Tips for your Networking and Social Media

Why do we network? ... many would say to get business, although interestingly, when I asked that question recently at a local networking group I attend, that answer was conspicuous by its absence. If we bring it back to the absolute basics we network to begin a conversation. The old saying of 'everything starts with a conversation' has never been truer. The more conversations you start the more opportunities spring forth and the good news is that these opportunities are not just for you. Every time you talk to someone and find out more about them, you learn how you can help. This might be directly but more often you know someone in your network (or they in theirs) who could assist in some way. This could be personally, for a project or hobby, a partner or family member, a charity, in business... all we have to do is talk to each other. We all love having great conversations... cast your mind back to dinner parties in the past do you have any recollection of what did you

Is it the end of Politics as we know it? ...

Existing political systems have got us where we are... Whether it's the right or left wing it matters little for the 'monied' it appears that it is just a different flavour of control to keep us the masses bickering... In the end... Our acceptance of the game of politics is a huge debate (played out in the media) followed by mostly inaction that does not disturb the status quo... Actually we are the biggest cause of inaction because were a government to be too radical we just wouldn't vote for them, so in effect they would be sounding their own death knell. In reality with any given parliamentary period we are just a little better off or a little worse off  'financially'... Please note... Financially ... The existing systems, and politics is based upon money with debate constantly returning to costs and debt when evaluating any subject such as welfare, care... and about our future... There are always winners and losers... There always will be... It's

Drinking and driving but not in a bad way...

A long time ago when I was 18 I started the process of 'removing things' that I deemed unnecessary in my life. I didn't know I was doing it back then, but that's how it has turned out when I reflect back on what has happened. The first thing to go was sugar in Tea. I had grown up going through the sweet kiddies drinks sweetened orange, rosehip and then sweet tea.... and at 18 I questioned why am I drinking tea with 2 sugars? ... so I reasoned if I can get used to it with 2 sugars and people drink it without, it must just be a habit. So stop I did, and after 3 months of thinking why have I done this? New habits where formed and it was normalised, and the sweetened version awful. The next thing to go was sugar in coffee. I didn't think that would be easy but what happened was that I just craved stronger coffee to make up for the lack of sweetness. Another 3 months and that was normal too... So just recently I gave up drinking alcohol which is the subject of a