Brexit may actually lead us to the right path... in a different way!

Link4Growth is not political (nor religious) and its great strength is that it is first and foremost a platform for discussion that brings people together in a spirit of collaboration and mutual co-operation. In this supportive environment we can meet, talk, listen, learn, connect, share and inspire, first seeking to understand before seeking to be understood. Actually, more or le
ss, we all want the same thing deep down, to lead a happy life, it's just that there are differences in how we each believe the solution could be arrived at.

There is richness in conversation. There is delight in discussing ideas and fleshing out solutions to real problems that we see every day. We just need to do more of it, and then... feel empowered to 'take action' and make things happen.

What the Brexit vote has done has created a polarisation and a deep divide. Both camps believe they are right and that the others course of action will lead to a worsening of the situation. The reality is that it is an incredibly complex situation, not just from a European perspective but on the world stage too. Trump, Putin,, China, Europe and the rest of the world all combine to create a complex mix of  "what if's?" that we could discuss for hours.

What do we really want though?

Perhaps in this time of turmoil we need to take a step back and realise that actually, all we have here, is a difference of opinion about one question. That those around us are not enemies but actually our neighbours and that if we talk to each other we can actually find lots of common ground. It's not about being right or wrong, it is about agreeing the future we want and creating it... irrespective of what we voted on the 23rd June 2016. Lack of knowledge may have been prevalent in both camps, but we are all agreed that we would like to have freedom to live out lives in the way we choose and be as happy as possible doing it, in a secure, friendly, tolerant and respectful community.

So why don't we focus our energy on creating this? ... no one else can do this for us. What the Brexit vote could be viewed as is a wake up call. we almost stepped over the edge, but not quite. Ok... we understand, things aren't going well and there are a lot of unhappy people who have made their thoughts now known. But little will change for a while... people of Britain "on both sides" you have a chance to show your qualities.

The answer is to recognise this as a massive opportunity, not bicker about who is right or wrong. This is a huge chance for us to have 'conversations', discover what is working and what isn't working. To do this all around the country. Finally we have a reason to TALK. Moreover we have people engaged.

We have a real choice now. The Brexiter's can jeer and tell the Remainer's to stop whinging and accept they lost. The Remainer's can keep telling the Brexiter's they are ignorant, xenophobes and racists, who haven't a clue what they voted for. Or we can act as mature adults. We can see this as an opportunity to lead whilst the world has its focus on this small island and we can demonstrate and show the world how to solve the worlds problems.

I fear we might not have the leadership team in place or the infrastructure in Whitehall to take on such a challenge... but we do have the leaders in our country... they are us, you, the good people of this country.

Where there is a lack of leadership, let us step up to the plate and take on that task...  The world is watching... let us not pass this opportunity by...


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