Is it the end of Politics as we know it? ...

Existing political systems have got us where we are... Whether it's the right or left wing it matters little for the 'monied' it appears that it is just a different flavour of control to keep us the masses bickering...

In the end... Our acceptance of the game of politics is a huge debate (played out in the media) followed by mostly inaction that does not disturb the status quo... Actually we are the biggest cause of inaction because were a government to be too radical we just wouldn't vote for them, so in effect they would be sounding their own death knell. In reality with any given parliamentary period we are just a little better off or a little worse off  'financially'... Please note... Financially... The existing systems, and politics is based upon money with debate constantly returning to costs and debt when evaluating any subject such as welfare, care... and about our future...

There are always winners and losers... There always will be... It's about money. It is a scarce resource and when some have more, others have less. It's a system that is fundamentally flawed. Capitalism conditions us to want, and need more, which by it's very nature means others must be stamped on and accept less.

We have been swept up in 'their' game. To believe that this is the only game. We have lost sight of the fact that what makes us really happy is not about money. It is about doing things, experiences with people we like. It's about relationships, friendships, connection, contribution, belonging and yes of course... Food, water, shelter, warmth too.

Nowadays we are divided and polarised and voting only on which type of management team we would like in the 'prison' we have been presented with. The prison, to which we all have the key to release ourselves from... The same prison that we fight to maintain and defend very often, enthusiastically and with great gusto, believing, futilely, we can massage it into something else from within... we cannot.

To really set us free we must dare to look beyond the prison walls, dare to see a new world, dare to face uncertainty and the excitement that a new world might bring.

We have been lulled into believing that studying hard (in an education system designed to condition us for a world that no longer exists, and that seeks to strip us of our very own individuality), getting a job, buying a house (if we're able), having kids, paying off debts and perhaps enjoying a few years in retirement is where it's at... it is not. We have been duped, by expanding our fears and creating divisions we have acquiesced into our apathy and accept what we have as the 'way it is'.

Whilst we are encouraged to continue this thinking, in our weakened state of being 'divided', 'what's in it for me', 'in ego', and with the insatiable pursuit of money, and more of everything, we continue to keep ourselves in the prison.

No one can tell you to leave the prison... The comfort of the 'system', the regularity, the understanding of its comings and goings, it is a safe place. Humans like safe (so we're told) ... we've been convinced safe is good... We've been taken into a place where 'the state' knows best... The state will protect us from ourselves and provide a place where we can live our lives 'just about' in someone else's dreams.

Safe is unexciting, safe is being told what to think, safe denies you the chance to take risks and learn, safe keeps you in the prison...

By all means vote for staying in the prison. Vote for which management team you want... But don't look out the prison window in years to come and see that there is a whole new world going on where people are happy, not just existing... Don't say in years to come why did you leave me there in that prison? ... why didn't anyone tell me?

The message is clear... We have to leave the safety of the prison to have any real change. We have to choose to create something new beyond those prison walls, we have to believe happiness is beyond material objects. Choose something different we must, if we want it... This is the time... The choice is yours, but no one is going to do it for you, decide to do something and take action, take the first step...

If any of this resonates then... Please explore further... For the past 4 years a new platform has been under construction to serve community that has some very important attributes

  1. We own it, the people, it'll be an association of members by the end of the year
  2. It can't be shut down
  3. It's free to be part of, but if you want to be a part owner a nominal monthly subscription
  4. It has a comprehensive tool set to assist us all in playing our part in community building, however small
  5. It's both an offline and online infrastructure
  6. Its grass roots up, based on 7 principles of being the best you can be
  7. It is not aligned to politics, religion or any business, but it is focused on people, relationships and taking responsibility.
It's not an experiment it's happening... The prison door is wide open... Step through it and start your new journey! Visit the website, Email or connect with me: or connect on twitter @ chrisogle

+Link4Growth enables us to step away from division and embrace unity through discussion, conversation, in a supportive & harmonious way... More than ever we need to be able to connect, share and understand our differences... learn new skills to be resilient... and find ways to play our part in community... if we begin to work together, locally, regionally, nationally and then globally we can do this... it all starts with accepting we can be part of the solution and then joining in and doing our bit. Are you ready? 

Email:  Twitter: @ chrisogle  +Chris Ogle  


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