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Networking... Community Building... have you worked it out yet?

It was interesting listening to the radio interview with +Nikki Pepper  on the Craig Bunday working lunch show the other day. Nikki was explaining to Craig about Link4Growth and how anyone in the community is encouraged to come together locally and have conversations. Everything starts with a conversation, business, community contribution, signposting and connecting people, connection, tips and sharing information, support and help. But it is a difficult shift in mindset from 'Professional Networking' to 'having chats over coffee' which is what it seems Link4Growth is mainly about. Networking as a term has been around since 1985, and it has connotations in the mind of people as a place where 'business people' go and talk business, swap business cards and get leads, referrals and do business. The quandary for most people is that when they arrive at networking they are then informed that to do networking 'properly' takes at least 6-12 months of consi