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Final Days of the Intermittent fasting or is it?

The end of September looms larger than life in the morning... and it has been 4 weeks since the commencement of my 'changed' regime. Just a quick recap... I introduced 3 changes to my lifestyle in September... stopped drinking Milk in team and coffee (I drink a lot of coffee... love latte's), I introduced exercising back into my weekly program. Finally I started to intermittent fast sticking as close as possibly to an 8-16 pattern. 8 hour window of eating and 16 hours of fasting. I went for 9am-5pm or near as possible... sometimes, 8am-4pm and on the odd occasion was a 10am-6pm. So how did it all pan out? Well most people will probably want to know did I lose any weight? ... not the main reason for doing it really, however yes, 8lbs in weight disappeared over the month. Most of this I would attribute to not drinking the milk and probably increasing the exercise. However, what I would say is that when I have done similar things before I have lost weight off my face and i

Reconciling religion and learned helplessness...

For more than a few years now I have been seeking in my own mind to unify my thinking on God (universe, spirituality) with that of... self determination. What I mean by self determination is that we can create the life we want, it's up to us. This was highlighted even more when working through the Thrive Programme with  +Tania Clarke  at the back end of 2014. The Thrive programme is all about taking responsibility and not giving away your power to some external figure. The idea was mooted that if you put your faith in God (spirituality, the universe, call it what you will) then you are effectively giving away your power to something else and thereby reducing your ability to create the future that you want. You can blame someone else, it's not your fault, God didn't want that to happen, whatever the excuse might be. Hoping (praying) for something to change without any other effort is unlikely to deliver the kind of results you want. Now I have been processing this fo

Intermittent fasting... week 2 report is in!

The second week was another interesting one. Just a quick recap... I have cut out milk in my coffee and tea (so basically cheese and milk in cooking is still fine), I am exercising twice a week (new group created FFF - Fitness for fun) and I am intermittent fasting on a 16-8 programme. This is a 16 hour window of not eating alongside an 8 hour window of eating normally 9am - 5pm (but not always). So let us talk about weight first. Well I started all this on the 1st September at 13 stone 7lbs... which is 85.5 kilo's or thereabouts... now after 14/15 days as I write this... 13 that's 3 kilo's off. You might think well it is going to come off easy at the start... but to be honest at 6 foot tall, I'm not really overweight, but it seems the 3 things combined have enabled me to deliver quite well. The interesting thing is that almost all of this weight appears to have been shed from my middle. I am however keeping a watchful eye on my weight as the purpose is

Intermittent Fasting 1 week in... and a TV Show

It's been an interesting week in more ways than one... From the beginning of September I set myself a new challenge, Intermittent fasting, 2 exercise sessions per week and no milk. How have I got on? well lets start with the mess ups... I ordered and drank a latte as I completely forgot I was not drinking milk in a moment when my focus was elsewhere... Sometimes I have eaten outside the the eating window. Well in the past I might have said that's it I've blown it and thrown the towel in... but hey ho these are small beer errors... the fact is that 99% is still good... thanks for the reminder Friday morning  +Tania Clarke  ... so no beating myself up, accepting that these things are probably going to happen, life isn't perfect and sometimes blips come along... all part of life's rich tapestry. On to the more important stuff, how difficult has it been? What do I feel like? are there any noticeable benefits in such a short period of time? Let's do the eas

So it is time for another challenge... What no Milk?

Well it suddenly dawned on me the day before yesterday, actually 31st August 2016, that it is now 6 months since I ceased drinking alcohol... Now that's a bit of a milestone 1/2 a year, 184 days. So why did I do it? You can read that here ... and also a progress report 150 days in here . So not drinking alcohol has been normalised now and I am actually enjoying making some mocktails once a month and also looking forward to non alcoholic beer ... San Miguel zero being a wonderful find and have to thank  +linda anderson  for that! ... red wine a distant memory and have given away a few remaining bottles to grateful folk. So a new challenge for a new month September. Well I always like to improve myself and try new things and this month I have decided to do three things. Firstly my love for Latte's has reached critical levels and my milk belly has replaced my beer belly. So a month without milk. Let's just see what all those milk coffees have been really doing. Second,