Final Days of the Intermittent fasting or is it?

The end of September looms larger than life in the morning... and it has been 4 weeks since the commencement of my 'changed' regime. Just a quick recap... I introduced 3 changes to my lifestyle in September... stopped drinking Milk in team and coffee (I drink a lot of coffee... love latte's), I introduced exercising back into my weekly program. Finally I started to intermittent fast sticking as close as possibly to an 8-16 pattern. 8 hour window of eating and 16 hours of fasting. I went for 9am-5pm or near as possible... sometimes, 8am-4pm and on the odd occasion was a 10am-6pm.

So how did it all pan out? Well most people will probably want to know did I lose any weight? ... not the main reason for doing it really, however yes, 8lbs in weight disappeared over the month. Most of this I would attribute to not drinking the milk and probably increasing the exercise. However, what I would say is that when I have done similar things before I have lost weight off my face and in other areas I'd not choose to lose it. On this occasion the weight loss has centred on my stomach area which is a neat result.

In fact... the weight loss being so specific has re invigorated my desire of 2 years ago to go for the 6 Pack. This was a long time dream of mine that has never materialised... but now I've given up drinking alcohol. I'm also settling into an eating pattern which works for the body and not storing carbohydrates as fat, and, cutting down on things to excess (Latte's) ... now gaining a taste for black coffee don't you know! ... there is a chance that with effective exercise I can bring this 6 pack forth! ... watch this space...

I have been a bit derelict in my duties of putting my exercise routines up on the Facebook Group Fitness for Fun (FFF) ... but will now endeavour to post these blogs and start to do regular posting on there so that we can get some discussion going.

Will I carry on? ... they say once you go over a certain length of time you form new habits... I can't say the black coffee yet has the appeal of the Latte's and it certainly hasn;t knocked it off it's pedestal as my favourite but... it will take over 2/3 of the latte space. I will still look forward to my latte's but in a much reduced quantity.

As for the eating... I think I will ease up the strictness although in fairness I have already done this...wherever convenient and possible I will adhere religiously to the pattern, however at weekends there is always likely to be a slip. Eating out is also a challenge and to be sociable is a key part of life.

Exercising? ... yup that stays and in fact as my fitness increases this is likely to increase... and as I approach the 6 pack definition there is bound to be increased excitement which will lead to 4 or so routines a week... not a lover of this type of exercise but you have to give yourself a big enough 'Y' ... i think I have my mojo back! ... feeling fit, healthy, alive, healthy, vibrant and full of energy is a good thing right? ...


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