Intermittent fasting... week 2 report is in!

The second week was another interesting one. Just a quick recap... I have cut out milk in my coffee and tea (so basically cheese and milk in cooking is still fine), I am exercising twice a week (new group created FFF - Fitness for fun) and I am intermittent fasting on a 16-8 programme. This is a 16 hour window of not eating alongside an 8 hour window of eating normally 9am - 5pm (but not always).

So let us talk about weight first. Well I started all this on the 1st September at 13 stone 7lbs... which is 85.5 kilo's or thereabouts... now after 14/15 days as I write this... 13 that's 3 kilo's off. You might think well it is going to come off easy at the start... but to be honest at 6 foot tall, I'm not really overweight, but it seems the 3 things combined have enabled me to deliver quite well. The interesting thing is that almost all of this weight appears to have been shed from my middle. I am however keeping a watchful eye on my weight as the purpose is to re-arrange the weight and do a bit of body sculpture rather than look gaunt and underfed....

How's the milk withdrawal symptoms coming along?

Actually it has been surprisingly easy to stop drinking milk in drinks. Maybe it is my strong will power, or the desire to know what a difference it makes outweighs the pull of the latte. I do enjoy a latte and I will begin drinking them again after the end of September but not in the same volumes as before!

I am now getting a taste for black coffee, especially very good (and strong) coffee. I seem to remember going through the same process when giving up sugar in coffee. The desire to really taste the coffee comes through loud and clear. Black Tea has never been a problem for me as I often run out of milk at home and drink it black. I am also a lover of chinese and speciality teas that don't require the addition of milk.

Fitness group on Facebook and some of my routines, upping the anti... getting back into it...

It's been well over 6 months since I really did take my exercising seriously and I think that this was brought on by an accident last year when I fell down the stairs and ruptured almost all the tendons in my left foot. This made exercising almost impossible for 6 months and still painful until 10 month.

Now however completely pain free the exercise is going well. Back into the routines with two main sessions a week and with other lighter, different muscle groups through in as well. I have now set up a Facebook group to post progress, routines and involved others. So if you fancy sharing tips about fitness or getting involved in the whole area of general health and wellness without taking it too seriously then please pop on over and join me... FFF (fitness for fun). Starting to get that feeling I want to bring out the ever elusive 6 pack... watch this space!

Intermittent fasting is going well too. Now into the routine fully after two weeks... I have been adjusting to be more sociable at the weekends so extending eating out until 8:30pm but with very few carbs... 

all going well at the moment... I'll check back at the end of 3 weeks!


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