So it is time for another challenge... What no Milk?

Well it suddenly dawned on me the day before yesterday, actually 31st August 2016, that it is now 6 months since I ceased drinking alcohol... Now that's a bit of a milestone 1/2 a year, 184 days. So why did I do it? You can read that here... and also a progress report 150 days in here.

So not drinking alcohol has been normalised now and I am actually enjoying making some mocktails once a month and also looking forward to non alcoholic beer ... San Miguel zero being a wonderful find and have to thank +linda anderson for that! ... red wine a distant memory and have given away a few remaining bottles to grateful folk.

So a new challenge for a new month September. Well I always like to improve myself and try new things and this month I have decided to do three things. Firstly my love for Latte's has reached critical levels and my milk belly has replaced my beer belly. So a month without milk. Let's just see what all those milk coffees have been really doing. Second, I spotted +Andy Fox 's blog post about IF - Intermittent Fasting and on the spur of the moment decided to implement that in addition to the milk challenge. Third I have been putting off getting myself back into my fitness training... so I will be getting back into this with 2 x 30 minute workouts at home each week. I will be posting the routines on regular updates into a community on G+ but posting links into an L4G Fitness Group on Facebook too. If anyone wants to join me on the fitness side and perhaps get involved with the fun, egging each other on, that might be good... the more the merrier. I will seek to bring some friendly personal trainers and even Yoga people into the group to add a bit of professional advice and guidance too.

So I will be building in to my month the Intermittent Fasting idea... This conceptually is 8 hours where you eat in any 24 hours and 16 hours where you don't. So imagine 8 hours sleeping (that's a lot of sleep for me, I know, I know, that is what we should be getting) then it's basically 8 hours out of 16 where you eat. Being as eating late actually isn't that great for digesting the food, and, we need to eat when we get up. The 8 hours is front loaded into the day. For me I am going to work on 8am till 4pm or 9am till 5pm. Some days at breakfast events I will be eating at 8am.

In order to ensure that after the workouts I am eating and clearing the free radicals out of the system I will need to squeeze the workouts into the early afternoon. This means I can eat an hour or so after the workout and that this is towards the back end of the eating period.

So the scene is set, first workout will be actually a deviation from this and was this morning as I did an airport run. So I had an hour to do exercise before heading out to breakfast... that worked!

There was a weigh in yesterday... not because I am doing this to lose loads of weight although I know with all of the above... weight will be removed. So the weigh in was 13 stone 7lbs or 85.5 kgs. I expect the weight to come off, combining the reduction in milk, the intermittent fasting, and of course increasing the movement and exercise.

Any guesses on what the final weight will be after 30 days? Comment with your guesses... maybe a bottle of wine to the winner... or a pack of Becks Blue? ... well after 1 day? ... 13 stone 6lbs and 85 kgs... so the loss of 1 lbs in 1 day... so what will it be? ... 30 days? ... go for a guess!

Now sipping an expresso, and eating as I am getting the food in before 4pm... maybe a bit of cake before the #L4GSWHerts #CommunityTV show this afternoon...


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