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Now it is time for another Internet "The Internet of People"

When Tim Berners-Lee and his colleagues put together the beginnings of the internet they could not have dreamed of what it has become today... or perhaps could they? What started as a simple mechanism to share information between people across spatial distances in a little less than 25 years has transmuted into untold power and information being available in the palm of our hands. So what has been the reason for what is unquestionably one of the biggest success stories of all time? What has enabled this to grow into the global phenomena that it has become in such as short period? It's success can be summed up with 3 simple characteristics Free to connect to and access information that has been placed on the internet Open to all, inclusive, cross boundaries, global The desire to share information and to learn Had Tim Berners-Lee decided that the internet was to be licenced and that rights to place information on the Internet could be bought and sold we would not have t

3 years ago... I gave up using Supermarkets!

3 years ago the 30 September 2013, I made a decision to stop using supermarkets. From where I sit today it actually doesn't sound much of a deal. Those who know we however might be able to cast their minds back to facebook posts where people often commented 'Have you got shares in Asda Chris?' such were the frequency of my visits there! So have a think about what you buy in the supermarket; the convenience of it and maybe the cost savings? ... then think about where you might get those things if the supermarket wasn't there? Simple things like Razors, Toilet rolls, cleaning products... and all those little things... nuts, baking ingredients and possibly 'nik naks' like tin openers. Then think of all the time it would take to get around to all these different places and you will probably come to the conclusion that actually... I'll stick to the supermarket! ... and who can blame you? ... no one has the time, especially with 3 or 4 kids and hungry mouths t