Now it is time for another Internet "The Internet of People"

When Tim Berners-Lee and his colleagues put together the beginnings of the internet they could not have dreamed of what it has become today... or perhaps could they? What started as a simple mechanism to share information between people across spatial distances in a little less than 25 years has transmuted into untold power and information being available in the palm of our hands.

So what has been the reason for what is unquestionably one of the biggest success stories of all time? What has enabled this to grow into the global phenomena that it has become in such as short period? It's success can be summed up with 3 simple characteristics

  1. Free to connect to and access information that has been placed on the internet
  2. Open to all, inclusive, cross boundaries, global
  3. The desire to share information and to learn
Had Tim Berners-Lee decided that the internet was to be licenced and that rights to place information on the Internet could be bought and sold we would not have the 'freedom and access to information' that we take for granted today... although there are those in positions of power and wealth that would happily begin to control what have access too (in some parts of the word this is already the case).

The information age is definitely in full swing and it has delivered for us some amazing benefits some very obvious, such as a limitless source of knowledge at our finger tips, the ability to connect with any other 'online' person on the planet at little to no cost, others, less obvious, but hugely important too. such as increases in authenticity and transparency brought about by the freedom of sharing that the openness of the Internet brings, the internet is a very open place. 

On the other hand the internet has sped everything up. It has long been said that if things are not right, then computers will just get us into a bad place far quicker than without, they won't actually solve the problem. The internet has helped on this score. The world is in a bit of a mess right now, it has been slowly deteriorating over the past 10 years, and there is more to come, but, it is not necessarily all doom and gloom.

So what can we do? ... How about an "Internet of People"?

What is an "Internet of People" ? Well this isn't just a global mass of people connected through the Internet although that is the catalyst that was needed to underpin this next stage. The Internet of People is a framework that enables everyone to be part of a globally connected physical network of communities, made up of individuals like you and me all supporting and helping one another. The blend of bringing together people, 50% online, and 50% offline. Neither individually can deliver we must have both components.

We can't sort out global problems alone, nor can one country achieve it, this almost needs to pull us all together as a species, without any other motive than to create the world we want, and to play our part in helping to create it. The frameworks to initiate this are being worked on as we speak, not the finished article how could they be? ... they are fledgling ideas created by a few, ready to be moulded into what they need to be to serve our purpose.

We all need to play our part, to contribute, it is our collective responsibility and this probably the biggest project the human race has ever encountered. Working together as a species, to create a peaceful future for us all? Now that is worth contributing too!

Let us not underestimate the challenge before us though, this is big... this isn't connecting a few billion computer gadgets together, that's relatively easy. This is a project to connect all the people in the world, to create the world we want to live in. There are many who are not ready for this conscious leap yet, who are still stuck in the conditioning of the last century, so there will be a few challenges ahead for sure.

This is a simple idea though, it's not complex... it's almost as simple as the Internet itself...
  1. Bring people together locally to share information and to have conversations
  2. Totally inclusive, everyone can join in
  3. Free to participate (small subscription for those that want to support the organisation)
The internet has been fabulously successful that is clear to see, so we know it works, so let's start the journey of the 'Internet of People' bringing us all together as a family... crazy idea? ... only time will tell.

We all have the same opportunity, to play our part. What will you tell your children and your grand children when they ask, what did you do in the big evolution?

The first step is to decide to take responsibility, to play your part... you don't even need to know how, only that you have that 'feeling' that 'sense' that you need to make a contribution in some way and to be part of this massive U-Turn for the human race. The second step is to take action and to find out more... Link4Growth is bringing people together... it is an idea based on bringing people together to create the world we want to live in... take a look...

There is a website :
There is a book :

Or why not get in touch :

To say "the internet has changed everything" right now might be a little premature , but there is no doubt that the internet is the underpinning platform that will result in that statement being held true, now it is just a question of time.


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