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Another post on the 70-30 rule (just an idea not a rule)

Back in the summer I wrote a blog about the 70-30 rule and how this perhaps can help us to get projects off the ground. Too often we are looking to create perfection before we start anything... sorry to burst the bubble perfection doesn't exist... What a strange conundrum this 'perfection' thing... if we are all unique and our view of life is uniquely ours... then 'perfection' is only what we believe it is... of course no one else would think that is perfect... so there is no perfect... just our view of what works us individually... another post sorry for rambling. But food for thought... we are indeed chasing the snark if we are looking for perfection. So forget that because it is impossible, instead maybe, find what works... and that you can uniquely do for you. So the reason for another post on 70-30 rule is because my attention was drawn to the chart above, and I have been chatting with a few people where this has come up in conversation and in relation t

How the Trump & Clinton split is so similar to Brexit

The battle still rages over Brexit here in the UK. I have never see something so divisive but it has been fascinating to see the real people. This has been so immensely deep, touching on passions and emotions like I have never seen in my lifetime. People have thrown caution to the wind and just said what they feel even though they may upset life long friends who have gone for the other side. I know both sides just don't even want to entertain the others points of view. Both sides will argue till blue in the face and criticise the other side as being wrong, stupid or worse. Both sides are right and both sides are wrong... it depends on perspective... and it is being judged on where we are today and all the establishments, institutions, systems and governance that we have in place. But irrespective of all of the detail of which there is a lot... some of it accurate most of it conjecture and hearsay... the basic two sides came down to very simple choice... Do we stay as we a

2000 years ago we weren't ready... now we are...

I've been on a bit of a spiritual journey this year and along with that I have been spending a lot of time looking back at the teachings of Jesus and trying to piece together what has happened since then. I certainly believe that Jesus was an amazing prophet. A man with huge awareness and spirituality. Whether the bible is an accurate reflection of his life and times who really knows, but I am sure that he was able to achieve what would have been seen as miracles at the time. One of the parts of Jesus's life that troubles me has always been the crucifixion. The part which I have difficulty with is the part that states "he died for us to save us from our sins, he died so that we might live, he died to prove that death is not the end". At the time of Jesus the Roman empire was in full flourish and you can imagine that all manner of uprisings and challenges to the empire were happening all the time. These were troubled times. Much in the same way there ar