How the Trump & Clinton split is so similar to Brexit

The battle still rages over Brexit here in the UK. I have never see something so divisive but it has been fascinating to see the real people. This has been so immensely deep, touching on passions and emotions like I have never seen in my lifetime. People have thrown caution to the wind and just said what they feel even though they may upset life long friends who have gone for the other side.

I know both sides just don't even want to entertain the others points of view. Both sides will argue till blue in the face and criticise the other side as being wrong, stupid or worse. Both sides are right and both sides are wrong... it depends on perspective... and it is being judged on where we are today and all the establishments, institutions, systems and governance that we have in place.

But irrespective of all of the detail of which there is a lot... some of it accurate most of it conjecture and hearsay... the basic two sides came down to very simple choice...

Do we stay as we are knowing the corruption, knowing that we actually don't like where we are... food banks, homelessness, health service as it is... education not cutting it... debt out of control... or ... do we vote for something different, the unknown... the chance for revolution if you like... whatever, but not what we have right now.

The Brexiteers as they are called now... didn't even think they had a look in really... so the surprise when the votes were cast was disbelief actually, on BOTH sides!

The Trump and Clinton battle when you cut to the chase is similar to Brexit. More of the same, and in this case (not necessarily Brexit) corruption, lies, deception and control from the elite... or... cast a vote for the great unknown. There is no question Trump does not have the credentials to be president when you look at what has gone before... however, what he is doing is asking people to decide, more of the same or are you fed up with it all?

That is the simple question in this presidential election... democracy left the building some months back and what is going on now is just a slanging match..."don't put yourself in the hands of this madman" from the Clinton camp... we'll keep it safe and secure... and from the Trump quarter... "Can't you see these people have been abusing you and playing you for decades, wake up!". There is real fear out there that there might be another situation where BOTH sides are truly surprised at the outcome when the final votes are counted (if they can be considered credible any more).

The Institutions and Establishments of old are finished... what we are seeing being demonstrated very publicly are the final months (not years) of Rome... the end of the era of capitalism and greed... Trump is just an accelerant, he has the stage and he is beating the bushes... even if he loses he will not go quietly... 

This is likely to be the big catalyst which will ignite the journey to where we are heading. It is going to be incredibly difficult for the next 4 years as all the things we took for granted begin to be swept away.

The touch paper has been lit... what we need to do right now is stop bickering about Brexit... this is a complete red herring, people, good people will join forces to recreate the EU and put something better together in due course. There are far more important things around the corner we'll need to focus on, like, putting food on the table, helping each other out, looking out for our neighbours and giving without expecting return to those that need it... We need to start working together... we need to raise our game enormously... the time for solidarity with massive purpose is getting ever closer. What part will you play?


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