Coffee & Cake Training

Early picture of the kitchen circa May 2015
The monthly Link4Help 'working lunch' was hosted once again at +The Kitchen Croxley on the 27th January last week.

So what is Link4Help?

Link4Help is a monthly (at the moment) 2 hour session which is open to anyone who would like to get some help. Help with what? ... well absolutely anything really. At the moment most people taking advantage of this are stuck with moving things forward in their business. There is a lot to running a business these days and we can't know everything... so Link4Help acts as a kind of 'Surgery' with no obligation to get a bit of signposting, advice, guidance, connections, ideas... whatever you need really.

An example of how it helped a couple of people... last week?

So this week a couple of people wanted some specific help... 'fresh out' of setting up social media accounts and learning how to post and now excited and raring to go... but what to talk about? ... How to really use some of these social media services with Intent and to engage people... not just aimlessly posting onto social media hoping someone is going to see it and then connect and buy my stuff.

Marketing with Purpose

If you are a one man business or even if there are 2 or 3 of you, it is impossible to tackle 'marketing' for your business in all its forms, all at the same time. It is just too time consuming, you'd never get any work done! ... By the way if you haven't got any work (because you are just starting out) you should be spending 100% of your time refining and honing your proposition through talking and engaging with people (that's marketing too). So... if you haven't yet clearly defined what your business is, what you want to deliver that harnesses all your resources and... works for you, then that is a great place to start. Afterwards see how you can create a marketing strategy that delivers the kind of people that you want to work with.

This may well be based around using social media in some way or another and that's fine... It may be one or two social platforms along with more traditional approaches. Sometimes leveraging off two platforms at the same time, working together can broaden and heighten the levels of engagement and really get the conversation going.

Coffee & Cake training

So all I asked in order to help people get 'unstuck' was to treat me to a coffee and a bit of cake... £4.95 at +The Kitchen Croxley this month (January) ... so this got me thinking...

I can only share knowledge and help a handful of people in this way... but to get unstuck about something and be able to move on with renewed energy is needed by lots of us.

What if we created a range of bitesized trainings at the price of a Coffee & Cake?  These sessions and educational snippets could be made available to anyone not just those who have time to meet me or can get over to Watford? ... that might be very helpful indeed...

Bitesized Training - Coffee & Cake - Link4Skills

So Coffee & Cake Training... small, but important snippets of information and education. Things you can take and use right away. Not only sharing how to do things, but why it might be useful to consider, the rationale behind it, and the difference it could make to you and your business / endeavour.

Link4Skills Platform

I will be recording and sharing all these Coffee & Cake training snippets through the +Link4Skills platform which is part of  +Link4Growth

You can check out the Bitesized workshops and trainings here... and if you would like to share your knowledge and join in with Link4Skills then do get in touch with me on Twitter here or on email


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