Why I'm putting my faith into INNOVATION and CREATION

"If we keep doing what we're doing, we'll keep getting what we're getting"
And as Einstein once allegedly said
"the first sign of madness is doing the same things and then expecting different results."
Both of these statements are highly relevant in today's world. Both from a community perspective and the business world we can see very clear signs the cracks are appearing. Not tiny gaps either, huge great fissures. The time for change is definitely upon us, but to what?

The problem is that we are betwixt and between with completely different models.

From a community perspective we have still largely abdicated responsibility to those that we believe are being paid to 'fix' the problems in our society; Governments, whilst we, focus our attention on amassing as much material wealth as we can.

From a business perspective it is still the capitalistic model where money and profit is king at all costs and let's just do what it takes to get rich with little regard for people or the planet.

So new models for the community recognise that there is no earthly way the people who 'purport' to be looking after us and, who allegedly, have our back, can actually deliver on any of their promises. How any still believe this to be true really is a mystery.

There is also a recognition that in order for things to improve we all have to start doing our bit. Why? Because there are gaping holes in society where unless we, the people, start shaping up and taking action things are going to get pretty bleak for many.

This does require us to start down one very different road that we've been on of late... that is... the act of giving to others without expecting anything in return. Quite frankly not something we're used to. With success and status being measured almost exclusively by materialistic means, our barometer for evaluating how we should behave has been left rather badly skewed.

We have been indoctrinated for possibly 200 plus years with conditioning, and there is not a soul alive who hasn't been subject to the machinery of education, business, politics, the money system, the legal system, media, propaganda, religion and the expectation placed on us to 'fit in' and be a respectable citizen.

To break away from this individually is a big ask... to break away en-masse requires a Herculaneum effort of which the human race has never ever seen. And yet... our real freedom sits on the other side of that challenge.

How can we possibly do it?

I believe we must innovate and create. We have to think outside the box that has been woven around us. We have to see beyond the false walls and mirrors that have been erected to deceive us.

How do we do that? How do we even begin to loosen the shackles? ... we must first learn to 'find our own way'.

We have been led to believe that there is a 'normal' path... and that we are normal and that to be 'not normal' is bad. If you step out of line you will be frowned upon... and you will be ridiculed, humiliated and your already fragile 'self esteem' (weakened through years of constant comparisons with carefully selected 'celebrities' and 'winners') will be decimated as the weight of society bears down on you... you will be sympathised with, drugged, and then gingerly engineered back into line, weaker and less able than you were, but reassuringly normal and safe once more... phew.

Or you can learn how to Find your own way

This isn't to be mistaken with being selfish. There are two types of selfish as the Dalai Lama states... (1) those who want to amass huge hoards of money and possessions for themselves and (2) those who value their own self growth and want to invest time in being the best human being they can be.

Finding your own way means seeking out you, what makes you tick, what makes you happy, what you want to do? It means taking responsibility for the decisions and choices you make. It means being able to evaluate whether that path you picked is the right one and if not adjusting, changing and then heading off once more. This I call the personal victory... it's not a destination rather an ongoing journey but you're the one driving.

Once we have learned to find our own way, then... you are outside the clutches and pressures of having to meet the needs and expectations of others. A free agent if you like. Thinking for yourself. Innovating and creating your life.

What if there were millions of us, outside the system... innovating and creating following what we cared about? What if we got together and started projects... where each of us were equal, able to be heard, respected, important, valued, making a contribution and finding our own way (on our own journey).

Innovation and Creation... 

to create the new future we have to innovate and create it. The thinking we used to create what we have is unable to imagine or build what many of us would like to see, and those running the current show have too many vested interests, they neither want nor need change.

It is Time4Change ... that future is worth working for... so tweet me @ chrisogle  ... or email [sme7.chrisogle@gmail.com] or comment here... If it's going to be then it is up to WE! Do it...


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